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Hi there,

I'm David Hernández, current president of the Spanish Drupal Association ( ) and I've been organizing the local group of my city for the last three years ( ).

Today, during Drupal Dev Days in Szeged, we had a Bof about Healthy Drupal Communities, where a local group from Romania told us about the problems they have and we discussed how we could fix them. Later continuing talking about the topic with Cathy Theys (YesCT), we thought it would be a good idea to do something like a "Meetup Package" in the Community Summit of DrupalCon Amsterdam, like we did last year with the "DrupalCamp Kit" ( ) in the Community Summit during DrupalCon Prague ( ).

I've created this discussions to start to put together some ideas and see who is interested in coming to the community summit. It would be good to heard the problems the different groups have found and what have they done to solve them, what are their needs and how can we help each other.

So, local group organizers from all around the world, meet here!


"Meetup Package" in the

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"Meetup Package" in the Community Summit ++

Cathy Theys

Examples for [community] developers

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This sounds like a great initiative! From my POV, I'd just like to know what other people do to grow their community - events, governance, etc. - kind of like a Smörgåsbord of ideas I could refer to.

I started the Brighton Area Drupal Association a few years back and whilst we have a good core of people it seems I'm often the only one who understands the bigger we grow the local community the better it gets for all of us. We have a monthly drinks meetup which usually 6-12 people turn up to and a monthly contribute meetup which is just 1 or 2 people. Pretty dire for a city which is supposed to be the new media capital of the UK! Still, I know it's because people think Drupal is hard but it's super-simple when I show them - especially with things like panopoly making it super-simple for people to create sites now.

I've recently started my own coworking space here so I have a great space to run events so I'm looking to do lots over the next year whilst I try and make the space sustainable and a 'home' for Drupal here in Brightoncisco.

...especially less 'tech' focused

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Also very interested in less 'tech' focused events people have run - our last event was when Tour de Drupal came to sprint on their website so I publicised the evening as a more informal, non-tech event and we had a new member turn up who'd used Drupal for 2 years - she had a fab time and wants us to set up her own install of Drupal because her coder guy won't let her play with the one she uses ;)

So, more events focused at the end user, and specifically for here as we have lots of web designers I'd love to hear how people have managed to move agencies onto Drupal.

Hi there, I'm going to start

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Hi there,

I'm going to start with my experience organizing the local group of Valencia, Spain.

The first meeting we had was the Drupal 7 release party, that helped to gather around 40 people, a number we haven't been able to repeat in normal regular meet ups. During the first year, we did regular talks keeping around 15 to 20 people, with about 10 regular ones involved on the group.

After the first year, the regular group decreased. Some reasons I found of these decrease of number is due to most of the people not working exclusively with Drupal and the rise of a lot of new development groups. The group reduced to around 8 to 10 people on the meetups.

At the end of the year we had a meeting where we talked about the situation and we decided the next steps. Our conclusions were:

1.- The regulars want to heard advanced talks. But this don't bring new people.
2.- There is people who just want to learn Drupal, so we had to do basic sessions to try to bring new people to the group.
3.- To bring more attention to our group, we began to do sessions not related with Drupal.

So we decided to continue our monthly regular meetings but changing the topics: 1st month advanced, 2nd month beginners and 3rd not-drupal.

It didn't worked. The situation kind of stayed in the same way, having meetings of around 6 to 8 regulars plus two or three people who appeared from time to time.

As organizing sessions it's something that requires a lot of time and we were a small group that already knew each other and was difficult to learn new things from us, we changed again how we met.

This bring us to the current situation: we just meet once a month and we have some beers together and go for dinner afterwards. We talk about Drupal and everybody is invited to come and ask or just talk about any topic.

That has stabilized the group and increased the involvement of the people and that allows us to try to do bigger things: we are organizing the next DrupalCamp Spain.

I will add another comment soon to explain what we do, from the Drupal Spanish Association to promote and help the different local groups.


Drupal Meetups in Cebu Philippines

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Great topic !!

Good point David on the advance and beginner's expectation, it's hard to make everyone happy.

Here is the situation here in Cebu City, Philippines (around 20 events last year).
- Monthly meetup (hosted by Promet Source) since a couple of years.
- Drupal Beer & Chat monthly since June last year, I organise it in a local pub.
+ some extra trainings (drupal ladder, drupal sprints)
We promote them using + facebook drupal groups (PH and Cebu).

We have a really huge up and down at the monthly meetup. From 15 to 3 attendees. I'm not sure yet why, part of this explanation is the calendar of students. We had this issue of advance vs beginners issue. We recently switch to two topics per meetup, one for beginner / one for advance. We are still testing this approach.
The Beer & Chat is pretty much stable. Around 7 people always show up. Mostly regulars.

To get new people we are trying :
- 1h Drupal introduction in different universities. We have done 2 or 3 presentation so far this year. good feedback from students.
- a Drupal Camp in central Cebu City at the end of the year.

I recently started organizing a DevOps meetup here and because I can reach people doing Python and System admin, I am getting a lot more people (30 / 40 people). I had to setup a waiting list. The meetup is changing location every month, so I get to know more IT and web companies.
I am planning to do an extra event combining DevOps for drupal to get the two community together ;)



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