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Some resources you may be interested in reading:

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[Free Webinar] Drupal 8: Frontend for Backenders

2015-04-01 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York

Drupal 8 will ship with a fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simpler theme layer. In this webinar, our speaker will show you some goodies from Twig and give you a walkthrough on how to get started with it.

He will also talk about the major problems that people were facing in working with Drupal 7 and what the community has done to make it better. This webinar will show - in both practical examples and on a broader scale - why Drupal 8 will make peace between backenders and frontenders.

Why Should You Attend This?

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Calling all Community Organizers

Hi all! Please see my post about the Drupal Association's new community organizer newsletter. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions/suggestions!



Lauren Shey

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GCI 2014 Task: Create an Event Template (NeedsReview)

Hello! I'm a Google Code-In 2014 student and as part of my task (http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2014/5873466930626560) I've created an event/meetup template. I've also been helped by my mentor Slurpee to create this template and would like reviews and suggestion regarding this template.

Here's the template link: https://pad.lullabot.com/p/Template_with_Placeholders
and the documentation: https://pad.lullabot.com/p/Event_Template_Documentation

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A look inside a typical groups.drupal.org local community meetup. . . .

Premise: Outside of DrupalCons and camps, g.d.o user group meetups happen to be fully qualified, regular events maybe worth dosing a bit more followup coverage.

In general, published meeting reviews are not just handy for their own attendees to have but also benefit everyone connected via the web. Where to post the coverage is up to each group; this post is only a thinking-out-loud prototype to offer background and then some specific details on a meetup that just took place.

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This group will also be broadcasting on Meetup.com

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First Group Meeting

2014-11-04 18:30 - 20:00 America/Chicago

The first Northwest Indiana Drupal Group Event.

This event will be to kick off this group. Event will most likely be in Valparaiso, Indiana.

We will start with a short presentation, the group discussion and finally networking.

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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Local users groups organization

Community summit

The aim of the discussion was to talk about how the different local groups are organized and what kind of problems do they find and document all of this so it can be used by potential group organizers.

The attendees of the discussion have different backgrounds, from their location having people from Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Brazil, Germany, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Holland, England and France, to their experience organizing groups, having people who has been involved in a group for years to people who wanted to start one.

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Drupal Tunisia Community website

We are happy to announce the launch of Drupal Tunisia Community website in Arabic, English and French. If you are into Drupal sign up with Facebook to appear in the members page.

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Drupal Camp Mexico City 2014 final words

During 23 to April 25, 2014 we had a rewarding experiences when we reached our goal to create a Drupal Camp & Symfony Day in Mexico City at the same technical level of the Camps in USA and Europe. Furthermore it was very diverse since we’ve gathered people from a dozen countries: 35 speakers and 181 attendees. We are very proud to be the first camp to held simultaneously both the Symfony and the Drupal community in one event.

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Drupal Watchdog For Your Local Drupal Group

We have extra copies of the new Drupal Watchdog issue available for local Drupal user groups. You can grab this double issue focused on Drupal 8 at the Drupal Association booth #350 right now at DrupalCon Austin.
If you are not at DrupalCon and you can send someone from your local group to get copies.

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Whose Job Is It? Help the Drupal Association Answer that Question

A while ago I shared that we are trying to better understand who plays what role in the Drupal Community. A small team of Association Board and staff have done some interviews with about 20 community members and now we want to get a broader understanding - what are the issues that concern you, and who should be doing the work to address them?

We're reaching out to our most active community members to ask you to complete a survey about who you think should be doing what in our community.

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Looking for an event sponsor?

Hi Event Organizers,

The Drupal Association works with a lot of sponsors and partners - many of whom like to sponsor camps. It takes them a lot of time to research and reach out to all the camps that they want to sponsor, so we are making it easier for them.

We are asking sponsors and partners to fill out a form so they can tell us:
- What kind of camp they want to sponsor
- If they have a special offer for camps (free Internet, free developer tools, etc)

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Meetup Kit

Hi there,

I'm David Hernández, current president of the Spanish Drupal Association ( http://asociaciondrupal.es/ ) and I've been organizing the local group of my city for the last three years ( http://groups.drupal.org/comunidad-valenciana ).

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RochenHost offering free hosting for DrupalCamp's

RochenHost.com is proud to announce its support for the Drupal Community by offering free hosting to any Drupal Camp.

To get started:

  • Drop us a note at DrupalCamp@rochen.com
  • You must represent the Camp this is being requested for or be part of an existing camp.
  • Please include your Drupal User name in the request
  • That's it! :)

RochenHost.com is a proud supporter of Drupal and the Drupal Community

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Drupal University Initiative

Hi guys!!!

I've been cooking an idea about massive Drupal training in Mexico City among engineering and science students. It consist in three phases
1) Crowd-source a role centered Drupal learning curricula from existing sources and the community.
2) Marketing and promote the course + remote tutoring to students.
3) Evaluate graduated students, offer internships and future job opportunnities. Repeat

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DrupalCamp Announcement Template

Here's a nice HTML template in the attached .txt file that can be used to announce DrupalCamps.
Simply replace "__" with information relevant to the actual event between the HTML tags. You can directly copy paste this template to your website.

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Drupal Event Generator

Recently, I made a site to make writing DrupalCamp event announcements a lot easier.


Instead of manually doing everything, you can now edit this template and either copy the page, or generate HTML markup for use.

Hopefully, this will be useful to someone.

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Webinar: Successful Drupal Meet-up Tips

2013-11-06 08:00 - 09:00 America/Los_Angeles

This webinar is a part of our Community track.

If you've thought about starting a meet-up, or are looking to give your current meet-ups new life in 2014, here are some tips.

Panel speakers include:
Brian Gilbert (realityloop) from Australia (Victoria) who is doing Code Saturdays
Jason Yee (jyee) from United States (Portland)
Stella Power (stella) from Ireland (Dublin)

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2014-01-23 (All day) - 2014-01-25 (All day) America/Los_Angeles

Drupal at the beach!

This year's event will be held in sunny San Diego at the Marina Village Conference Center -- just steps from beaches, Sea World, and the Mission Beach Boardwalk.

Thursday is a full day of training.
Friday and Saturday are two full camp days.
Sunday is fun-day with disc golf, beach activities, and sight-seeing

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