Drupal Frontend Meetup - April 2014

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2014-04-17 18:00 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Location: SquishyMedia at 116 NE 6th Ave #300 Portland, OR 97232

Bring your laptop, ideally with Drupal 8 already installed but at the least a working AMP stack (i.e. the ability to run Drupal 7), because we are going to practice building Drupal 8 themes together! You've been hearing about all the shiny new changes and this magical thing called Twig - now is your chance to get your hands dirty and mess around with the next phase of Drupal frontend development.

The meeting area is on the 3rd floor. If the elevator is locked, try the stairs around the corner. You can also try tweeting me (@Mindewen); I'll try to remember to look at my phone!


Hey im gonna be im portland

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Hey im gonna be im portland next week - if anybody wanna rock out over twig & drupal 8 im there just for that & dont have any other plans than killing Divs & removing classes ... and adding in {{ awesome }}

prbalby gonna set up camp at the DA office & take it from there


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Do you have a preferred D8 testing environment?

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I use vagrant for D7 work all the time, but so far I haven't been able to get it to work with D8 -- it always fails during install.

There's a bug report in the vdd Drupal vagrant project to that effect:
It fails in different ways whether installing via Drush (7) or manually.

What are others using for D8 testing? I've been able to get it installed on servers OK, but so far within vagrant I've been striking out.

MAMP worked for me

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I just tried D8 on MAMP today, and after increasing PHP's memory limit from the default 32MB, it's up and running. Not sure if you're using a mac, but thought I'd report that experience anyway.

Patch fixes the issue

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I should have reported back -- the issue I referenced now has a patch that fixes it.

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Here are the resources I mentioned at the meetup last night:

Git instructions for installing Drupal:

Introduction to Vagrant series on Drupalize.Me

Easily Create Maps with Leaflet Webinar (I am presenting on May 1)

Join me for DevMunch on Google Plus - a Google Hangout where I/we talk about tips, tricks, and topics of interest to developers of various experiences levels. Learn something new or share what you've learned.


(Link is to my G+ profile; feel free to add me to your circles to get posts regarding DevMunch. I also post about Drupal and other web development topics, as well as photos and gardening related stuff.)

Amber Matz (née Himes)

Amber Matz

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Also, I neglected to mention, if you're curious about how to implement component-based web design and object-oriented CSS principles using Sass in your Drupal themes, we (Drupalize.Me trainers) are doing a full-day workshop on the topic on the Monday of DrupalCon Austin.

Also, if you sign up to DrupalCon and our workshop with the Association's Early Bird discount (deadline May 2), you will also receive an annual subscription to Drupalize.Me.

This beginner workshop would most benefit designers, novice themers/front-end developers, and project managers. It is being taught by Emma Jane Westby, Joe Shindelar and myself.

Info here:


Amber Matz

Portland (Oregon)

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