Drupal Brighton Show, Tell & Drink April 2014

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2014-04-28 18:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Next Monday (28th April) we'll be having our monthly meetup. Due to Bank Holiday it's a little different this month.

From 6-7pm we'll have a 'Show & Tell' session @vbrighton coworking studio (see http://open4.org/vbrighton/location for directions) where anyone can come along with questions, demos of projects they've been working on, etc. and we can discuss/try to help as a group.

Then at 7pm we'll head down the pub for a beer or two!


Solr, multilingual, page-builder

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I hope to make it, and can show-n-tell about a site we're building at Cogapp that involves extensive use of Apache Solr, as well as some challenging multilingualness with Arabic, and finally an approach we're trying out to allow editors to create flexible-yet-constrained pages.

Sounds great!

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Sounds great, I'm a huge Solr fan, would be good to see what you've been playing with it!

Hey Tristan :)

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Hey Tristan :)

I'd love to hear about how it's all going. I'd make a special effort to get down for that if it helps twist your arm.

more to show: a CMS and a RESTful API

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I've just delivered a project for a TV cartoon network (no, not the cartoon network ;) which provides a RESTful API to handle images kids create plus a management interface for the content managers to select images for particular showcases, pic of the week, etc.

It's pretty similar to a system I built for Universal Artists last year and doesn't take long to show as it's pretty super-simple, would be good to get some feedback on if/how I could productise this more so next time I'm half-way there. I did a project when I first moved down for Kev for the Cartoon Network where I got so annoyed with people changing specs every day I ended up writing an API sniffer. Can't remember how though, perhaps I dreamt I did. Still, I think there's something there and would love some feedback.

P.S. Just found my first apachesolr work still online... just - everything I search for gives a pop-up error for markers - I built it before the spatial stuff was done in Drupal so they're probably still trying to use my code lol: