Ubercart Anonymous checkout

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Hi All,
Has anyone any experience with Ubercart anonymous checkout? I have it installed and it works, but the Drupal account verification email is sent along with the Ubercart one, so people get two emails regarding what to do next for login on your account. Of course he onetime link used in the Ddrupal email is invalid, because Ubercart logs the user straight in after checkout.
Any way just wondering how to shut off the Drupal email without affecting the normal create account workflow that I have set up (requiring administrator approval).

Thanks for any help


Ubercart drupal 6 or 7?

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Hi, Tobin,
I'm using Drupal Commerce with D7. There are some rules associated with creating a user when an anonymous user places an order. In my D7 site, the "Create a new account for an anonymous order" Rule includes an action to send the new account email.
This might be a place to look.
Good luck!