Drupal Continuous Integration Tools

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Hi guys!
I wanted to share something I published today: http://drupalignite.com.
Basically it's a tool and a set of practices to setup a Drupal environment under a full Continuous Integration cycle using some well-known tools as drush, phing, composer and jenkins for the build phase, phpunit and behat for the testing and features and migrate for keeping everything (structure and data) in a code driven development shape.
I published the introduction, the following chapters will be published in the next months!
You can find the code on github: https://github.com/omissis/drupal-ignite

I hope you will find it interesting and helpful! :)


Really interestsing

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Thanks your website is really interesting and I learn much reading it. I am looking forward to reading other coming pages!!


Hi! I'm extremely glad you

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Hi! I'm extremely glad you found it useful :)
I have been (and still am) a bit overloaded cause of work, company and events, but I am planning to start writing other articles soon, probably during the summer vacations ;)

Please hit me with questions if you've got any!