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The Drupal-Install Borg-Cube: "We seek peaceful coexistence ..."

... of Composer & Drush, anyway.

Composer may be the NewDrupalWay(tm), but Drush is still indispensible for much workflow. Working with both is a necessity.

So what's a Drone to do?

Here's a scenario from a (intended to be) Composer-only install. The how-to was cobbled together from the 1000-or-so blog posts, etc that keep telling us to "Get off the island" ... If anyone cares to share a/the "Definitive Current Composer HowTo for Drupal8", please pipe in!

(1) Install Drupal

  composer create-project --keep-vcs drupal/drupal d8 8.0.3
  cd d8
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[PR effort] Contrib maintainers should add composer.json

Over in the webmasters queue I have started a discussion around a PR effort to get contrib module maintainers to add composer.json files to their modules.

Please join in and spread the word.

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Project name and Module name not matching up problem in composer

I don't expect a lot of feedback, however, I thought that I would post this here, so that it gets more visibility.

I've turned this into a blog post over here.

Literally, I wanted to convey that, if you are having problems with a specific module is required that has a package with a different name. For example in this error:

Problem 1
    - drupal/api 7.1.9 requires drupal/gplib >=7.2.1, <7.3.0 -> no matching package found.
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Update on Drupal 8 core and Composer

After weeks of back and forth the Drupal 8 core's composer.json file has now been moved to the core directory to facilitate fetching only the contents of the core directory via Composer.

The relevant issue is A big shoutout to everyone who moved that issue forward, most notably dawidwbaratt, daffie, bojanz and alexpott.

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Custom composer installer for Drupal projects

I'd like to share some thoughts on composer installers that we can use for supporting setting up a Drupal project with composer. I'd like to know about your assumptions and how we may be able to build common installer, that we can use maybe as a standard in the future.

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Drupal Continuous Integration Tools

Hi guys!
I wanted to share something I published today:
Basically it's a tool and a set of practices to setup a Drupal environment under a full Continuous Integration cycle using some well-known tools as drush, phing, composer and jenkins for the build phase, phpunit and behat for the testing and features and migrate for keeping everything (structure and data) in a code driven development shape.
I published the introduction, the following chapters will be published in the next months!
You can find the code on github:

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