June 10th Drupal Melbourne meetup - Speakers callout!

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Hello everyone!

As my final action helping out with Drupal Melbourne I'm organising the next session on June 10th.

Anyone keen to speak? I'd love case studies and non-technical discussions as well as technical discussions… Go on… :)


I'd be willing to present a

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I'd be willing to present a talk and case study on our experience and challenges in deploying a multi-million dollar revenue Drupal Commerce site for one of Australia's large retailers.

There's tonnes that could be talked about but I'd suggest curiosities about where we found Drupal to tear at the seams would be most interesting for the group. Happy to also field questions if there's anything in particular the audience would like to hear about on the night.

Sounds great! Message me and

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Sounds great! Message me and we'll arrange things.


next meetup date

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May be it is off topic but I would like just check the time.
As I check the next meetup will be held On Sat Jun 21. mentioned at http://www.meetup.com/drupalmelbourne/

Please let me know which date is scheduled.



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