Pacific NW Drupal Summit: planning meeting

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2014-06-23 18:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2014, happening in the beautiful Rose City of Portland, Oregon is just around the corner; we need your help! Come attend our kick-off meeting to put planning into high gear for PNW, which will take place from October, 17th to the 19th. There is much to talk about, including venue, dates, sponsors, sessions, party, website, and what work has already been done to that effect.

The meeting is open to all who are interested in planning PNWDS14. We plan to split off teams of folks to work on individual tasks and also discuss ongoing meeting formats: how often they take place, communication mediums to keep everyone in the loop, etc. With only a few short months before the event, there is something for everyone to do.

The kick-off meeting will be at OpenSourcery (map) on Monday, June 23rd, starting at 6pm. Grab food and bring it to the meeting along with your ideas and an idea of what team you want to participate on.

Note, this is a PNWDS planning meeting and not a regular DUG meeting. If you're curious about Drupal or have general Drupal questions, we encourage you to instead attend one of Portland's regularly scheduled Drupal Meetups. You can find more info at the Portland Drupal Group page, where all regularly-scheduled meetups are posted.


PDX Drupal Users Group


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--- oops double posted? --- see below.

Three Questions

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Hi all!

I have three questions: first this meeting is short notice for me, and would have missed my radar if someone had not mentioned it. Is there a group events feed to Google Calendar? A link to how to make that happen would be awesome.

In the future would it be more or less productive to a do Google Hangout? Plus a lot goes on in these meetings, the recording personally makes it easy for me to reference later.

Where is the documentation and links for this group housed. Is it Atrium or BaseCamp? It does not matter to me which we use as long as I know what my tasks and delivery dates are. May I get the log-in credentials (if someone has sent them to me, sorry brain damage! -- may I get the log-in credentials again)?

Please and thank you,
Lisa aka DesignZombie

If you look to the sidebar,

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If you look to the sidebar, you'll see this block where if you click the ical link, it should give you a feed of all currently upcoming events with "portland" set as an audience.

I think a G+ Hangout is a great idea. This will not only make taking notes easy, but it will keep us all accountable. Great idea, Lisa.

I have closed the Open Atrium group for planning PNW. There is an existing BaseCamp Group, but I am unsure as to what that link is or who has the necessary permissions to invite users.

I think so that Jason Yee can

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I think so that Jason Yee can attend, and so it is recorded, we'll have some type of gPlus hangout created for the room and posted here shortly before the meeting.

Hangout URL

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The hangout will be here: Should be active after 6pm.

Won't be able to make the

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Won't be able to make the event in person, but feel free to put me on the list to help. I probably don't have the bandwidth in the next couple of months to be bottom-lining anything, but I could certainly pitch in.

Agenda & Volunteer Packet

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-- Give an update on the latest information, and who's involved so far.
-- Go over the Volunteer Packet, find out how to get involved.
-- Answer questions
-- Break into groups and fill out signup forms

Looking forward to seeing everyone, and getting Summit off to a great start!

While I appreciate that

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While I appreciate that there's a volunteer packet, this meeting had really short notice and will likely be missing a large number of people who would signup. Rather than doing signups and breaking into groups tonight, then having to repeat it for those who missed; maybe it would be better to keep this meeting short, give a status update, address some of the concerns that prompted the meeting, then do a proper announcement for volunteers and hold that meeting next week or the week after?

I think @jyee is onto

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I think @jyee is onto something here. I would second that motion.

Volunteer Packet

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The main reason I am bringing the information is to make it easier for those who are showing up to volunteer. There of course will need to be more than one volunteer meeting in this.

Organizing team info outdated

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After tonight's awesome meeting we have some new names and rolls to add to that list, and Chris is no longer Volunteer coordinator. Amber Himes Matz our new PM will be hacking it soon. In the meantime the event and ways to get involved info is the same! Hope this helps anyone who wants to help but couldn't make it. Cheers!

(Preface: I'm posting as a

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(Preface: I'm posting as a representative of a number of community members)

As some people have may have heard, there has been some tension around organization thus far for PNWDS 2014. This meeting was proposed by community members concerned that PNWDS 2014 isn't being inclusive of volunteers, is behind schedule, and to propose how to get back on track and into the spirit of a community event.

Therefore, before we get into Sarah's agenda items, we will discuss how organization of the event has gone so far, and decide as the PDX DUG community how to move forward.

I feel like I should follow

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I feel like I should follow up with the previous comment.

Many of the same people who voiced concerns leading upto this meeting, including myself, feel like this meeting was extremely productive and helped clear a good path forward. More will be coming out officially, but I'm happy to see that all parties involved have come to a mutually beneficial solution.

Just curious to see how

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Just curious to see how things are going with this. I was out of state at an Institute and then a family vacation, so I missed everything last month. I like helping out with these kinds of things. :)

If you're looking to get

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If you're looking to get involved. You can fill out the volunteer form here: