Drupal Drinks Edinburgh: July

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2014-07-10 18:00 UTC
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User group meeting

[Note the updated venue]

Second Thursday of the month is rapidly approaching, and that means it's time to announce the next Edinburgh Drupal Drinks...

Thursday 10 July.

We'll kick off at Heehaw (St Vincent Street) at 6pm, with a talk from Marcos about Drupal Services and integrating with mobile devices. We'll then head over the road to the St Vincent for some drinks.

Hope to see lots of you there!


About the Thursday meeting

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Hi Bryan, if anybody is interested, I could talk a bit about Drupal Services and how to integrate it with mobile devices.

I'll see you next week!

Hi Marcos, That'd be great,

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Hi Marcos,

That'd be great, thank you! I'll update the venue to kick off @Heehaw at 6pm.


Post meeting discussion

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Hi guys,
very good meeting last night. Very informative and well done Marcos.

One of our after drinks discussions was with Brian? (young guy from Heehaw) about his HTML generator on Github. He called it 'Sonic' well I searched Github for sonic and found one MVC framework but this didn't sound like what he had described.

Could you or he post a link to his 'sonic'.

Many thanks for organising and hosting these events hope to see you next time.


Hi Suzanne,It's really not

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Hi Suzanne,

It's really not in an entirely usable state at the moment, it's in a 0.1-dev branch so things are likely to die/break/error.

Update: I've just noticed the version available on my site is dead for some reason. I'll let you know when I get a stable version of it on there.