Drupal Meetup at Playaskool in Black Rock City, Nevada, at 1:30pm on Saturday, August 30, 2014

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2014-08-30 14:00 - 16:00 America/Los_Angeles
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We're excited to announce our second Drupal event on the playa at Burning Man! Join us at 1:30pm on Saturday, August 30, 2014, in the dome at Playaskool.

Playaskool is at 10 & J. (It might show up at "Recess Reunion" on some maps.) This is the venue where TEDx is on Friday.

Are you interested in attending? Sign up below, follow DrupalBRC on Twitter for updates, invite your friends on Facebook!

Drupal meetup at Black Rock City, Nevada
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This is going to be a meet-and-greet and many of us will be meeting (some the first time) to talk about Drupal and how you're using it to change the world. We'll catch up with each other from last year's event, chat about the upcoming Burning Man installation profile and have some cold drinks.

Wait, what? There's a Drupal event at Burning Man?

Yes! This is our second event of the new-ish Burning Man group here on Drupal Groups. If you're using Drupal for your regional events or theme camps, or are considering it and are looking for help and inspiration, this is the group for you. We also have a Burning Man Regional Groups and Theme Camps Using Drupal wiki page you might be interested in.


Hey everyone, tell your

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Hey everyone, tell your friends! Here's the Facebook event you can invite them to:


Just in, here's the address

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Just in, here's the address for our Drupal meetup.

This year Playaskool is at 10 & J. This is the venue where TEDx is on Friday.

It might show up at "Recess Reunion" on some maps.

The event info mistakenly

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The event info mistakenly said this is on August 30, 2013. Thanks to Jeannie for pointing this out!

This is on August 30, 2014. I've updated the date.

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