OPcache! module

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The "!" is because the site complained about there already being a module named just "OPcache"…

Anyway, I'm recently working on my first site (that I'm aware of) where the live server is going to be running OPcache, so I was tinkering with its capabilities and functionality a bit. Out of that came this sandbox module. If you also run a D7 site on a PHP installation with OPcache, I'd appreciate it if you could have a look and let me know if it's useful to you. If enough people dig it, I'll go ahead and promote it to a regular module.

So what does it do? I'll quote the module page:

  • Adds a row to the site status report (Administration > Reports > Status report) with some basic statistics on the current OPcache state and some advisories on how to configure it to improve compatibility and performance with your Drupal site.
  • Clears (or, more correctly, resets) the OPcache cache when the Drupal site cache is cleared using the button on the Performance page.
  • Through a slightly nasty hack, also resets the site OPcache cache (even when OPcache is enabled for CLI scripts, the CLI and web server environments will use different caches) when all caches or cleared via Drush. You can also specifically reset just the OPcache cache with drush cc opcache.


Looks interesting; another opcache sandbox.

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This looks interesting. I'll try to find time to check it out later.

A quick search found that the opcache name is already used by another very recent sandbox project, so perhaps you could look at that and join forces: https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/brianaltenhofel/2316589

…And this just

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…And this just happened.

Well. Great minds think alike, i guess.