State of the Modules: Use and Update Status

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Having yet to get a module that I am REALLY satisfied with, I thought I would put up some stats about the many visualization modules out there, and see if we could get some dialog going. I am listing the last dev update here, since that reflects actual active code changes, as opposed to the release date. This list differs from the one in the "Similar Module Review" groups, since I believe it aims to clean up, not explore capabilities (

Feel free to edit and expand this list - or point me to where some better version of this list is! Or, simply comment on the utility or usability or opportunities for combining forces.

My questions:

  • What are members of this group using now?
  • What are critical limitations that you see?
  • Any new, hot libraries that need to be supported by the handful of widgets that are pluggable (like Charts, Charts&Graphs modules are)?

Update and Use Stats

Module Last Dev Update Created Status # of Sites D8 Version Listed?
Charts & Graphs 2013-Sep-30 2009-Mar-04 Active 2,688 No
Forena 2014-10-27 D7 2011-03-15 Active 497 Yes - 10/2014 - Not on main page, but available from "Version Control" tab via Git
Highcharts 2013-Sep-30 2011-Sep-14 Active 560 No
Charts 2014-Mar-18 2008-Mar-08 Active 6,018 No
Google Chart Tools 2013-Sep-30 2012-03-30 Active 1,863 No
Raphaël 2011-Oct-19 2010-Apr-23 Active 346 No
flot 2013-Sep-30 2008-Oct-02 Active 620 No
Visualization API 2013-Oct-19 (D8 updated 2014-Jun-02) 2012-Sep-08 Maintenance 2,527 Yes
Data Visualization API 2013-Sep-30 2011-Dec15 Active 21 No
gvs (Google Visualization API) 2011-Mar-30 2010-Mar-04 Active 148 No
Graph API 2014-Jan-03 (D8 version 2014-Feb-27) 2010-Sep-05 Active 212 Yes
Views Dataviz with Google Charts API 2013-Oct-19 2012-Jun-04 Active 371 No


PHP SVG Graph library used by module forena

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Interesting list! Consider adding module "forena" to it, which uses the PHP SVG Graph library. Checkout for a comparison of forena's charting features with some of the modules mentioned here. Maybe also for some samples of supported chart types. Forena started early 2010 and supports D6 and D7. The most recent D7 release dates from today, while last week D8 upgrade was initiated. Last but not least: apart from charting features, forena also offers database connectivity to various DBMSes such as Oracle, MS SQL, Postgress, MySQL, SQLite and Drupal Databases, and supports XML formatted data blocks. Contact me for more details, or use the forena issue queue for it.

Thanks for posting that up --

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Thanks for posting that up -- will update the list -- kudos on the d8 progress!

Not much in the Drupalsphere

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Not much in the Drupalsphere lately, though I've been developing an AngularJS-based charting tool that I've open-sourced:

I currently have built a WordPress plugin leveraging it, and Drupal is probably then next logical integration I build for it, given I've been trying to find something similar for VizCloud.

I'm currently in the middle of a big abstraction process that will make porting it to Drupal a lot easier. Will write a full post about it once I have something worth mentioning. :)

ændrew rininsland
news, photos, data, code. :: @aendrew

Looking forward to it. I

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Looking forward to it. I really like this example and some others that I have seen recently that use a plain text box for data input. I realize that may suffer limitations, but at the very least by supporting this type of input (even with imposed size restraints) we might be able to bring prototypes into Drupal more rapidly.

Chart 2.0

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I just noticed that the chart (not charts !!!) module is not included in the table here.'s the most 'installed' charting module, used in about 26.000 (26 K, no typo, EUR fmt). That's more then all other charting modules together. But at the same time that chart module is 'about to expire' (April 2015).

Please visit the 'Chart 2.0' issue at, and add your feedback to it (and be surprised about another set of charting modules mentioned in#9).

Your feedback may help me decide about #19 and #20 in it. What might help a lot also is finding other co-maintainers of charting modules with support for it, similar to what is mentioned in the link within #18 ... It would reduce my concern about the risk of becoming the only George (cfr Dries keynote from Amsterdam) in charting-land.

Pierre - thanks for sharing

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Pierre - thanks for sharing this, I am tuning in. Note my comments above to @rdboer - for me a critical step is to un-couple chart-makers from the Views datasource. Thus, graphs become entities, with their configuration attached the the entities themselves, and Views just providing data formatted in some table, delimited block, or json'ed, or whatehaveyou.

HighchartTable for novel approach

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HighchartTable has a novel, one-click approach to creating charts: from an HTML table that is already on the page, be it a Views, Webform, Commerce, Drupal-core or WYSIWYG-created table.

One click...

@RdeBoer The HighchartTable

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@RdeBoer The HighchartTable library & your integration module look supercool. Nice one :)

Thanks Scott

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Hi Scott,
Thanks. Glad you haven't taken HighchartTable the wrong way.
You have given the community great returns for years with Highcharts.
Cheers for that!

Rik - thanks for passing that

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Rik - thanks for passing that along. In this review it has become very clear to me that virtually all solutions, save the one that you just shared, uses a "Views Formatter" approach. Based on a number of conversations with folks who are closer to the Views development group I get a clear sense that the intended "right way" to use Views is as a query engine, and that hooking final formatted outputs (as is the SOP for charting modules) is the "wrong way". This one that you share follows that "right way", albeit in a very "datasource agnostic" manner.

Easychart, a customizable GUI for Highcharts in Drupal

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Hi Robert,

With Easychart you can create Highcharts charts easier than ever before. No need to know any code. Just click and chart.
Easychart defines its own content type, so you can reuse the charts you've made in other content types, pages, panels. Besides that it integrates also with CKEditor and TinyMCE so you can add your charts to your texts too. How cool is that?!
It's even possible to choose which properties should be editable in your Easychart GUI.
It would be really cool if you would test Easychart and eventually add it to your comparison (if you think it's good enough). I hope you'll like it!

comparison with other native modules for highcharts:


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