Multiple Leagues on a single Drupal installation with OG, Context and PURL

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Just launch version 7.x-1.7 of the League Module.
After a lot of reading, writing and testing, finally integrated with OG, Context and PURL.
Have to program a small "spaces" module.
Activate OG, Context and PURL
Define a Tournament Content Type (Node) and set as OG Group.
Goto Configuration -> Organic Groups -> OG Context /admin/config/group/context and check OG PURL.
Define Game Type, Person Type and Team Content as OG Content. League entities already integrate OG on its Type Form.
Create each tournament and define its URL preffix.
So if you define a tournament named Champions League and set its URL Preffix to champios, each Game, Person and Team you create under OG Champions League will be preffixed with champions, resulting as champions/game1, champions/player1 or champions/team1.
Using OG Permissions CRUD operations could be controlled by Tournament also.


I am working with this module

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I am working with this module and OG groups for the first time and I am running into a bit of difficulties with setting up different soccer competitions.

The goal is to create a website that holds soccer statistics for several competitions and seasons. According to the instructions I made a new content type called competition and set it for OG. But now I am trying to get position tables based on this content type but I have no clue how to get the tables per competition. I tried to set a relationship in the view first for OG but if try to add another field to the view, I get all kinds of mysql errors. Can someone describe to me how to adjust the view for OG multiple tournaments?

Thanks a lot ahead.


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