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Just creating a discussion for folks to post links and resources that were mentioned in the Open Data & Visualization BOF at DrupalCon Amsterdam.


Thanks @stpaultim - having

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Thanks @stpaultim - having not been able to attend myself, it would be great to see what was shared there.

Awesome ;)

Some more links that were

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Some more links that were discussed (from the top of my head)

Dataseed is nice indeed, it has a drupal module, too

The DKAN team has integration with Dataseed (and also with CartoDB)

They are also working on a visualisation entity, which lets you create a visualisation, based on a flat datastore, and then save it as an entity (so you can share your work)

There are a few visualisation initiatives in Drupal, each with their own approach and forte:


That's all just charts though, in mapping there is

Pol is working quite hard to get a Drupal OpenLayers module out based on the new OpenLayers 3. Which has a lot of the magic that made Leaflet cool + Drupal UI to create maps. You can see some samples here http://dev.through-my-eyes.be/

Outside Drupal, if you have some tabular data that you want to create a nice visualisation with quickly, I use Raw. I will give a beer for anyone who turns this into a basic Drupal module, its pretty, works and has already 16 different (d3 based) chart types to pick from. Love it:


(preferably as a charts & graphs plugin. let me know if you have a plan of approach for that)

If there was anything I mentioned during the BOF that I missed, ping me.

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