GCI 2014 Task: Create an Event Template (NeedsReview)

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Hello! I'm a Google Code-In 2014 student and as part of my task (http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2014/5873466930626560) I've created an event/meetup template. I've also been helped by my mentor Slurpee to create this template and would like reviews and suggestion regarding this template.

Here's the template link: https://pad.lullabot.com/p/Template_with_Placeholders
and the documentation: https://pad.lullabot.com/p/Event_Template_Documentation

The goal of this template is to set the standard for events/meetups considering the number of confusing event/meetup information out there.

I'd really appreciate any feedback, thank you! :D


Some feedback

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Hi tadityar,

Nice work! I manage Groups, so I'm thinking about this in terms of how we might implement it in updates to the form, which I understand is slightly outside the scope of what you're doing. I'm also a local event organizer. With that context, here's my feedback:

  1. Many of the items in the template (e.g. EVENTTITLE) are already fields on the event creation form. I assume if this isn't implemented directly in that form it would be used to fill out the Body field in that form, in which case it doesn't make sense to repeat information that is already collected in other fields. If those items are intended to be added to the existing fields, that seems worth mentioning in the template, something like "EVENTTITLE: put this in the Title field")
  2. On [LINK-TO-MAP], might be better to just embed the map directly.
  3. The documentation mentions "WEBSITE/D.O/LINKEDIN", but the actual template only mentioned "WEBSITE/LINKEDIN". I pretty much exclusively link to speakers' drupal.org profiles, as that's always easy to find and anything else may be more difficult. Also, it seems weird to specifically mention LinkedIn, but no other website. Why not Github or StackOverflow or Facebook or Google+? Keep in mind that Drupal Groups is an international site, so LinkedIn will be significantly less relevant in some locations.
  4. "Drupal After Dark" is overly specific terminology that means little to a lot of people who would see this. That should be changed to something more descriptive/translatable.
  5. Topics and Speakers are usually closely related (i.e. a speaker is speaking on a topic). Seems like they should be connected in some way so an attendee knows who will talk about each topic. In the example there are two speakers and two topics but it's never stated how they relate.

@sreynen, @confetti Thank you

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@sreynen, @confetti

Thank you for the feedback!
I'll update the template. About the "Drupal After Dark" how about I change it to "After hours"? Would that be easier to understand? Also about the relation between Speaker-Topic does mentioning the speaker's name in the topic be enough?

Thank you :)


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After hours - I learnt sth new

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as a European user

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as a European user I totally agree:
no linkedin and what is Drupal After Dark?

successful progress. looking forward to it.

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