Drupal Web Developer Needed

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Our team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center needs an experienced web developer. We develop health systems web applications and websites to support research in the department of biomedical informatics. Candidates need experience developing custom drupal modules and themes, administering linux web servers, and general programming in javascript, css , and sql. Good web design skills and other programming languages are a plus. Local candidates only please. Pay is based on experience and could be from 50 to 90K annually. Vanderbilt offers some of the best benefits in the country. If you are interested please contact me via the site contact form.

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Quick: try jobs.drupal.org. (You might also get something via the Paid Services Forum, but ... Nashville is a very small place in comparison).


Back end or Front end, not both

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Candidates need experience developing custom drupal modules and themes, administering linux web servers, and general programming in javascript, css , and sql.


That's two different skill sets. Back end and Front end. Are you looking for two people?


It is a diverse set of skills

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It is a diverse set of skills but I assumed they were looking for a jack of all trades, a common enough need but somewhat difficult in this area.

I think this is the third time this has been posted and I'd been meaning to drop a PM to Peter to chat if he wanted, but for being time-pressed. Redefining this a bit and/or outsourcing some sections might be an effective strategy, but I think one has to consider how shallow the talent pool is here FWIW.

( And now that I've chatted quickly with a few others-- yes, there are an evident number of large asymmetries between this listing and the current market. )


Where are the programmers?

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Thanks all. This is the third time at least I've posted this position. I started at jobs.drupal and it was too official and I don't want to violate any corporate policies posting a job on vanderbilt's behalf. Thus a forum post. I don't understand why no one has taken to it. Maybe there is a shortage of programmers or maybe other companies pay a lot more. But I've been here 5 years and it is the best job i've ever had. it is not ad based sites, commercial business sites or stressful deadlines. It is writing web applications to support medical research and vanderbilt medical school. The hours are flexible and you can work at home regularly and you have a lot of freedom to be creative and solve problems how you want. And you're bosses are really smart doctors who can also program and are doing research and getting grants to try cool stuff.

This position is for a well rounded web programmer. Having a computer science degree is a good start. Maybe it would help to describe some of the things i've done in the past 5 years since i've been there.
Manage and configure the web servers and database servers. Install , upgrade drupal. Write custom modules to display data from other cms database structure in drupal nodes. Write custom node templates to display calculated data and tables. Migrate data from custom cms into drupal structure with scripts and sql. Write custom search module to index nodes into a custom database based on medical terms and execute the search querying that database and themeing the results. Create views, content types , custom pages in modules , custom ajax forms, custom login as needed . Write my own custom page using theme_table to display data when the business logic is easier to express in sql than it is using a view or is impossible to do in a view. Or maybe it is just easier to maintain in a custom page than it is in a complicated view that is dependent on 3 other contrib modules that may need updating regularly for security purposes and your sysadmin will whine at you until you update them.

Design and delevlop , and implement custom solutions to problems. Use contrib modules where they work and write custom ones when they don't quite fit your needs. The latest module is a custom access module that allows access to nodes and files attached to the nodes independently based on the users group taxonomy field. Sometimes you can view the node but not see files associated with it. Sometimes you can see both. Sometimes you can't see it at all even if its published unless you are in the right group.

Install third party ruby webservice written by someone else. Write custom module to validate files against this webservice and save the validation results for display in drupal page and control access to those files. Heavy use of ajax forms here. Make the validation json results look pretty with html and css . Use those files in relation to other content types. Implement a single signon pass through system with other websites so users can use learning modules that are hosted in a different learning system . Execute perl scripts from within drupal pages to get data to display. Write perl scripts and develop and maintain websites written in perl.
Configure and deploy and customize themes based on omega and write css and html . Use the community resources to get help to do all the things that need to be done. Work with sysadmins to maintain servers and certificates. Write an iphone app.

Does that help? If any of that sounds like a typical day at the office for you, you would be a good candidate. Basically we are looking for experienced programmers with a lot of web experience and drupal experience but not solely drupal. You have to be able to analyze the problems and build solutions on your own with just the help of the internet because none of us knows everything. Things I haven't done is graphic design although it sure would be cool if i was good at that. I'm not great a making websites pretty but most of our stuff are web apps for a niche and the functionality and user interface is what is important. But being great at css and color scheming and making nice looking sites is a huge plus.

We have contracted before but it is hard to do with the way things are funded in research. So we have 1 or 2 full time positions. Personally I find programming easier than theming and designing and laying out data on the page. But you have to know a little programming to theme drupal templates using php template and use hooks and such. If your really strong in css and html and know a little programming and how to use drupal hooks or can find your way around code and retrieve custom data with an sql statement to display on the page you may be a good fit too. Send me your resume. If you are a strong programmer send me your resume. Vandy benefits are good. they pay 55% of college tuition to any college in the country for two children. That is 55% of vanderbilt's tuition. Vandy tuition is like 55K a year i think. So if your child goes to Yale or any other college, they will pay a maximum of $30,250 . Thats pretty good. Pay is dependent on experience and tops out at over 100K as you move up. You get 30 days of pto a year about .

Thanks and happy programming.

Drupal Web Developer Needed

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You might try going to a meeting of the PHP users group. http://www.meetup.com/nashville-php/

They have a special meeting 16 Feb (Monday Night). The speaker is good and about 40 people have signed up to come.

Also Nashville PHP (@nashvillephp) | Twitter

I know that some of the people there have used Drupal or maintained Drupal sites although sometimes reluctantly. Most are hard-core PHP programmers.

Jim Fuqua

Hi Peter, Sorry to see you're

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Hi Peter,

Sorry to see you're still having trouble getting someone capable of taking over this job for you. I'm pretty sure I probably would be capable of taking over by now if we had begun training me at my admittedly less than adequate skill-level for the specifics of the job and in programming in general. Sorry it didn't work out but I was willing to be trained. I am still willing to be trained. I have a ton of experience working with Drupal both in building complex functions and in theming but as you know it is mostly the kind of experience that doesn't stray far from "assembling" Drupal modules and configuration. That's where I could use some mentoring. If you are still searching and care to put the effort and time into training me please feel free to get in touch.


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Still here, still underemployed, still willing to be trained. Imagine what I could have learned since July...

"Do or do not, there is no try" -- yoda

Not sure why but I'm not

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Not sure why but I'm not allowed to create a new post in this group. So I'm posting here. I am looking for work in Nashville. I am moving there and need to find Drupal work. Any suggestions or leads are appreciated.Feel free to reply or get in touch with me directly.Thanks.

"Do or do not, there is no try" -- yoda

Nashville, Tennessee

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