Drupal in India

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Update: I see that some have misinterpreted the motivation of this discussion and it's objectives. To keep things clear, please read the vision section and know that there are no formed plans of any kind for any of the below. These are just ideas and a vision. Also, you can send me your details for Slack now (read below), but I am not inviting anyone until the purpose becomes quite clear. If you want, you can always send your details later.

Drupal in India

India is being called into spotlight in Drupal world and it is time we show we are a united and a strong community. We have had great camps and awesome meetups across many cities and now we need an all encompassing view of Drupal in India, rather than Drupal in various Indian cities.

Building this community can be challenging and we need an inclusive platform to help communities and even individuals. With success of camps, it is easy to forget that there are individuals scattered throughout India who can't make it to these camps, nor can hold one rightaway.

Right now, there is only one common platform for all Indian communities and individuals - groups.drupal.org. However, we have seen that this is a huge hurdle to cross for most people looking to engage with the community. I have seen many individuals unsure about posting simple questions on *.drupal.org sites (indeed, they are most hesitant about simple questions).

There is no one answer, and thus, I am proposing several channels and/or platforms for different purposes.


Let's plan to build the face of this community on drupal.org.in. A domain name like that leaves little doubt about the authoritative nature of the website and gives confidence. There are no planned features for this site (yet), but there is a vision.

  • Help a community in a city leverage various communities in India for support and guidance in organizing Drupal events and initiatives.
  • Help people outside India discover the community here and it's organizers.
  • Give evidence to the fact that Drupal is one of the leading technologies to work with in India and help people get on board the community.

This is just the overall vision and there are a lot of plans (even specific ones), but we can discuss them later.


I have seen great reluctance in people to get started with IRC. This is a workable alternative which might make it very simple for people to get in the community virtually. Slack has an excellent set of apps that makes it very easy for anyone to get onboard. The only disadvantage against IRC is that you have to be invited to Slack. To that effect, please let me know if you would like an invite. If you don't want to leave the email address, send me a message using the contact form (or any other way) with your name and city.

The Big Picture

The above is not meant to replace any infrastructure already available and in use, but just augment them. I think groups is still extremely valuable and there is no learning curve. All anyone has to do is register an account and they can start with groups. This is very similar to most other places and hence, I don't think this is unreasonable at all.

As for IRC, again, the intention is not to replace IRC, but the fact is that because IRC is quite unlike other messaging tools. This makes it difficult for people to get onboard with this. The idea is to put up a simple real time communication channel which has features like mobile push notifications and email alerts. This makes sure that a message reaches across even if the person does not log into IRC. Slack fits the bill here.

The overall picture in terms of online presence:

  • Website for information - drupal.org.in
  • Groups for forum style communication - groups.drupal.org/india
  • Slack for simpler real time communication when you want to make sure you reach the person quickly - drupalindia.slack.com
  • IRC channel to coordinate with the global community - #drupal-in

This is just a draft and let us take this mandate to action. Suggestions, ideas, feedback? Please comment on this post and let's discuss.


Three Cheers!

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Three Cheers for getting this started Husain! Makes a lot of sense and I can especially "feel" along with those who find IRC intimidating!, so yes this will really get a lot more people more aware of what is going on.

My full support in any channel offered. Please do add my email to drupalindia.slack.com


Wonderful idea Hussain. Its a

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Wonderful idea Hussain. Its a +1 from me.

Great ideas here

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  • Website for information - drupal.org.in
    may be some other URL, though the idea sounds good.

  • Groups for forum style communication - groups.drupal.org/india
    Don't we already have this?

  • Slack for simpler real time communication when you want to make sure you reach the person quickly - drupalindia.slack.com
    +1 for a better communication platform

  • IRC channel to coordinate with the global community - #drupal-india (I am not sure if this exists, btw).
    to initiate the effort, looks like a good idea.

I think drupal.org.in is a

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I think drupal.org.in is a great domain to reflect the Indian Drupal community. Can you please explain why you would prefer something else?

And yes, groups for forum style communication is still here. Like I said, g.d.o is perfect for forum style communication.

Must say that are some

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Must say that these are some brilliant road-maps to showcase Indian community on global platform. With domains like "drupal.org.in" and "drupalindia.slack.com", surely the recognition will come to the community. While I believe these are achievable but first we have to make sure that people from our community are on these platforms or atleast know about these platforms.

I think large number of members in the community are not using slack or heard of it, including me (though I know what slack is and what it does). So the challenge would be to gather the community on these platforms. But we can attract the audiences to "drupal.org.in" easily as it clearly influence the masses with "Being Indian" feeling. And I am not downgrading the idea of "drupalindia.slack.com" either.

Let's move on a mandate for something Indian.

Haneet Singh

The actual reason for using

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The actual reason for using Slack is that it is easier to setup compared to IRC. It feels much more like the messaging clients we are used to. I know that many people wouldn't know of slack, but the chances are that those people wouldn't know of IRC either. Further, slack will feel much more familiar to someone who has used an instant messenger.

At this point, I intend to welcome the community and not let knowledge of IRC become a bottleneck. Eventually, we will try to promote IRC as much as possible.

#drupal-in is the official irc channel for India

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The number of idlers in there doesn't go to 2 digits. The real issue i feel is lack of involvement. Making a new site or using a swishy interface is not going to fix that. I use slack daily, but doubt if its going to improve anything.

Also using irc has its benefits, no need to install another software to access to #drupal-support and #drupal-contrib...

just my 2 paisa.

Thanks for the tip. I will

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Thanks for the tip. I will update the post.

IRC has it's benefits, no doubt about that. But you can't deny it's biggest disadvantage is that it is not trivial to set up. With Slack, we are hoping to solve that problem - to help identify people that they are part of the community and at least have some place to reach out.

The plan for website is not on the same lines as IRC or Slack. It is to be used as a platform for communities, and keep it in a single place. Please read the vision again.

No trying to start a flame war but...

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Documentation page on Drupal.org: https://www.drupal.org/irc/setting-up

The fastest and simplest way to access freenode irc is via http://webchat.freenode.net

Takes about five seconds (most of the time spend on captcha ) ...

Agreed. But I have spoken to

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Agreed. But I have spoken to countless people who ask this question and just avoid it because it is unfamiliar. I am not saying hard, but just unfamiliar. Ultimately, they don't bother with it and give up on the idea of interacting because there are no other channels for real-time communication.

And of course, the idea is to get people to use IRC eventually, but for now, let's adopt a path they are comfortable with.

I like the Slack idea , so

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I like the Slack idea , so nice.

Hi Hussain and others I

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Hi Hussain and others

I welcome your idea, We can experiment with this, Infact I had several similar discussions on this with other community leads and the challenge i see here is the need for a committed team to run this and equal participation from different region, Community leads, organizations. Without equal and neutral participation, this concept may look biased and eventually we will loose support and may also bring in conflicts.

For the domain - I am not sure how India domain would help, We would face challenges like collaboration on content, managing the site, User personal information needs to be protected. Also, I see different regional groups are creating their own Drupal community portal - like Bangaluru, Pune and Mumbai. Managing content, infrastructure, peoples and participation could be very challenging. I believe our regional groups are maturing now and we should focus on strengthening regional community first.

One of the biggest challenge we(DrupalMumbai) are facing is to get people on Drupal.org, Mumbai, India Group and make them understand the Drupal Community concept. This is our biggest concern with DrupalMumbai.org site which is WIP, but want to use Drupalmumbai.org as a event management and information portal, user would still do all discussions on GDO / DO.

On Slack - It will be very difficult to manage large number of participants. I have been using Slack, it's good for a closed user group but won't work for large number of participants. We may try to have just community leads or active members.But then i strongly feel forum like this should be open.

My Suggestion -
1. Next year we have DrupalCon, from next year on, we can probably start having India level Drupal Camps where whole Indian Drupal community can gather. These events would be massive and hard to organize but we can definitely figure out a way.
2. Making Awareness , organizing events, is way simpler in small regional groups. My recommendation would to focus and address the needs of regional groups.
3. It's important to have a board comprising of all Community leads to share and collaborate on Ideas and Initiatives different regional groups are working on. Something Rahul from Srijan brought few years back.
3. Let's also do an analysis to see if some other country have taken a similar approach and understand what kind of challenges they are facing and success stories.


Rachit Gupta
Founder DrupalMumbai, DrupalCAP.org

Thank you for the thoughtful

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Thank you for the thoughtful post.

Regarding the website: I agree with your points and that is the reason I have not laid down any plans but just a vision, and hoped to get this discussion started. I am documenting my plans shortly and will use points from comments here.

Suffice to say for now that I don't see any problems in each community having their own site. The central site would be very simple, point someone to right resources and most importantly, help identify itself as an authoritative source of information for everything Drupal in India. There are lot of things to be worked out but let's get started and we will work out everything along the way. This discussion is the start.

I recognize that this it not something that just one person or one region will do. If you see, I have not at all mentioned Bangalore here and this would come as news to most of the Bangalore community as well. What I can say, though, is that Bangalore community would be open to helping here, as I am sure will all other communities.

I agree that our regional groups are maturing but I also think that we have hit a limit to reasonable growth without each other's help. All this effort is to ultimately help each regional community. My vision and hope is that a platform like this would make it easier for a small community to reach out to bigger ones and get support. Right now, there is no clear path of contact to request.

We'll work out how we can make Slack open. I have no intention of closing it to a group. Again, there is no conflict in each community having their own slack channels.

To your

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To your suggestions:

  1. Agreed, but then you would need the kind of infrastructure I am suggesting above. Why not start right now? Essentially, I think this is a separate (and important) discussion.

  2. It is much harder to reach out to smaller regional groups and/or have them reach out to us without a central platform. This is the problem I am trying to solve here. You would have suggestions that might be very relevant to a group in Kolkata but if you don't know each other and don't have a mutual contact, you would never reach! Let's fix that.

  3. Agreed. That's the plan. We'll get to that.

  4. Can you point out a country with economics and geography similar to India? That will be a great study. I will also start looking for one. But please, let's not stop for that. We can always fix any mistakes we might make and move ahead.

#drupal-in IRC

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We already have a IRC channel named "drupal-in", but never I have seen anybody using it, nor I see anyone I know in the channel. This is obviously not being utilized.
Also, Yes when compared to slack, IRC lacks lot many things, but on the other hand, most people use it on Drupal.
If we can finalize on any platform that needs to be used, we can promote and ask people to use it for any communication.
I am not sure if we should move to Slack, I am good with IRC, but don't have any issues moving to slack too.

For domain, anything should work, and any event across india, should be able to promote themselves there. Also, having a set of SOP's on how to do an event and how to promote it would be very useful.

Vaibhav Jain

Thanks, I just learnt about

hussainweb's picture

Thanks, I just learnt about this channel myself. :)

And no, I am not advocating "moving" to slack at all. IRC is very important and we will not ignore that. But the fact is that people are being left out because they are not comfortable with IRC and can't figure out where else to go for help.

Good move

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Setting up a Slack channel would be a wise move, this should have been done sooner. I see Slack killing off IRC's major share in near future anyway.
I've my doubt with setting up a new site for Drupal India instead of just using this, however I would like to see the direction we can take it.

@hussainweb: Props to you for making this effort.

Awesome idea

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Awesome idea +1.

WordPress uses Slack

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Let me start with saying that I don't intend to replace IRC at all here. But if you are interested, check this page to see what another popular open source software is doing here.

Link: https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

GREAT Idea +1 from me.!

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GREAT Idea +1 from me.!

Mitesh Patel
Email Me / Skype: developermitesh

Thank you for initiating the

AjitS's picture

Thank you for initiating the discussion Hussain. +1
My thoughts about it:

  • drupal.org.in : I like the idea. I think it will get lot of attention from the community. May I suggest using drupal.in? It seems that the domain is already registered with a company in Pune, but doesn't have any content. I think we should contact the company for the domain and host a central site for all the distributed groups across India.
  • I would like to add one more point to above. If we have a central website (drupal.org.in or drupal.in), we could (should) use it as the main domain to different events across India. It would similar to the way DrupalCon sites are hosted, as sub domains to drupal.org.
    e.g. delhi2015.drupal.org.in, mumbai2015.drupal.org.in
  • drupalindia.slack.com : I personally like Slack over IRC, with the features like offline notifications, etc. However the main limitation of using Slack over IRC is one has be invited in order to join. This would not be scalable as people who are new would find it hard to be able to find resources/contacts to get in the group.
    And, there is a #drupal-in, channel already present; but it is rarely used. The logs are also maintained at http://druplicon.info/bot/log/drupal-in

    We have an awesome bot (Druplicon) in IRC. It has features like passing on messages, karma points, project URLs, last seen, etc. Slack too has a bot. But, IMHO IRC is more open, which is in the spirit of the community.

We have a DrupalCon coming our way! This is the right time to unite the diverse community together.
I would like to extend my full support to take this forward. Thank you again for starting this discussion.


Responding:Re: domain

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Thank you for all the points and feedback. Responding to specific points:

  • Re: domain name: I looked it up, but in hindsight, I think drupal.org.in is better because this is the pattern communities are following world-wide (drupal.org.uk, drupal.org.au, might be others). Also, it feels more authoritative than drupal.in.

  • Re: Other uses for camps (e.g. mumbai2015.drupal.org.in): That is one of my plans, but I didn't want to put it here. I wanted to keep this discussion to the point of the vision, not specific plans (which might have a lot lot more details).

Not sure how new site and slack will help?

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My opinion.

IRC is good old tested platform used widely. I am not sure how moving to slack will help grow community or increase engagement. Personally I feel it is just a fancier version of IRC. Slack has become popular just recently, who knows after 6 months there is a new platform which is even better than slack. IRC will stay forever, and it is not at all difficult to use it. As mentioned above just go to http://webchat.freenode.net and start using it.

Drupal has already seen tremendous growth in India. Lot of new developers and students want to learn it. Active local community, regular events and hackthons is good enough. Every city has there own event sites and they always use drupal groups for promoting upcoming camps. Again not sure how a new website will help.

Good initiative Hussain

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I really appreciating the idea drupal.org.in

Rakesh James

Awesome Idea!!

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+1 for the drupal.org.in and using slack..

I think the conversation here is going more towards the pro's nd cons of using or not using slack and the mentioned domain but the general idea or the bigger picture is being ignored here which i think has a lot of promise... It will be beneficial for the new people who are learning or using drupal often.. I think an engaging and well co-ordinated effort is required by the community to keep aside their individual differences and come together for a more engaging community all over india which can be showcased internationally on a common platform that is drupal.org.in..

Cheers Hussain for starting this discussion!!!

+1 to the idea - calls for ownership

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Nice initiative, good points from everyone in the community. Big +1 to the lead that Hussain has taken up.

Let me start with the problems raised by Hussain:

  • A lot of developers in India are not on d.o. and g.d.o.
  • Many developers are hesitant in posting their problems on d.o. and g.d.o.
  • No solid medium of collaboration for developers in India

Solutions Offered by Hussain:

  • d.o.in and g.d.o/in - help community in different regions learn from each other, help people outside India discover the enthusiasm/excitement about Drupal in India
    DI.slack - best team communication platform
  • #drupal-in - this IRC channel is already there - not many are using

My take on the solutions offered.

d.o.in and g.d.o/in

I think its more of a corporate culture that people don't join d.o. and g.d.o. as in most of the large MNCs, developers have taken Drupal as a job and not career. We need to spread the awareness of the community - both to existing Drupal Developers and the new enthusiasts. So whether it is g.d.o/in or d.o.in it does not matter, it should be central. I'm not very confident with the idea of d.o.in as when I see the frequency of posts in http://drupal.org.uk, its very less. So I'd feel comfortable with g.d.o alone. And as Rachit said, let regional communities grow and contribute their work to both their regional group and India group. Plus, I strongly believe that d.o. is yet to create a platform as cool as stackoverflow and drupal.stackexchange which makes them the ideal location for problem-solution arena. Please don't take this as a "-1" but as something which needs to be a little more specific as to what we do with this new site.


Slack has revolutionalized communication protocol between small and big teams and I love it. I've not yet seen a lot of open source communities using it. But the idea is very thrilling. @Hussain: how do you plan to take the manual invites as this can be a roadblocker for going ahead?

I agree with Rachit over here that someone will have to stand up and create a core Drupal India Organizing Committee. It could focus on:

  • Creating more awareness - by organizing more meetups and helping the Drupal developers come out of their shells and attend the meetups and the camps and the Con eventually :)
  • Helping local leaders organize meetups + camps
  • Facilitate Drupal Campus Ambassador Program which will take Drupal to the grassroot i.e. engineering colleges / universities.
  • Allowing showcases of local Drupal work.
  • Managing and maintaining Slack + d.o.in like platforms for more collaboration between individuals, groups in India.

Happy to contribute in any which way the community thinks is the right way forward.

Mukesh Agarwal

Thank you Mukesh! I was going

hussainweb's picture

Thank you Mukesh! I was going to summarize the discussion after more comments come in and you have greatly simplified my task. :)

Replying to specifics now:

  • I realize that I have done a very poor job of explaining my vision about the site. I don't intend to replace *.drupal.org at all. I wouldn't even dream of that. I am thinking of many other uses for this and don't want to put it out prematurely. We need more discussion on this. I will write more about this in a day or two.

  • For Slack, we'll work out something. Right now, I am happy to start adding requests that come in now. Of these, I will identify local community leaders from various cities and give them rights to invite more people. Later, I envision having a sign up form on the website which could automate the process. Let's see how it goes.

  • On Drupal India Organizing Committee, work is on for that. I don't have much information but I know this was a topic matter of CXO in recent Drupal camps. There is some news in that department but I don't know enough to say anything right now.

Exactly my thoughts Mukesh!!

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First of all kudos to Hussain for the idea and bringing this up!

I Agree with both Mukesh and Rachit.

The concerns raised by Rachit are very valid and forming a Drupal India organizing committee with regional representatives can be the first step ahead.

Here are my two cents:

  • We can have a DrupalIndia.org website with relevant information which include details about the members/organizers, regional groups, regional leaders and how one can reach out to them. And most importantly we can have info which can point to different resources and channels(eg: drupal.org, G.D.O, IRC, forums, Drupal Stack exchange)
  • As pointed out by Rachit, this will need a lot of effort and participation from everyone across the community/country.
  • As per slack is concerned, its definitely a great tool for collaboration but is it the right tool for 2000+ people ?
  • How can we make slack open ? and if we can how can we control/moderate spam ?
  • Additionally there should not be too many places where people are being asked to register especially when they are just starting. We have Drupal.org, G.D.O (+differnt regional groups), Regional Slack, IRC, Regional Websites, Drupal Camp sites and Meetup.com
  • I suggest that we use slack for organizing members across country, where all drupal leaders across country can interact/collaborate and work on initiatives
  • Reg IRC, it would be great if we can think of a way to eliminate the big hurdle of registration.
  • Eg: We can put up a user friendly and simple infographic on the website, which can help users to get started with IRC

In any case, would love to contribute in all the ways possible to take Drupal in India to the whole new level!!

Chakrapani R,
Drupal Bangalore

Thanks Chakri! For slack

hussainweb's picture

Thanks Chakri!

For slack being the right tool for 2000+ people, let's worry about it when we get there. The important thing is to start. Hopefully, before long, enough people will be sold on the idea of community interaction and will find incentive to learn IRC.

I don't even think we will ask everyone to register on drupal.org.in. We can evaluate the impact when we think we will need everyone to register.

And definitely, we need effort from across the country. This is not my project. It is ours.

Using slack if not as a

j4's picture

Using slack if not as a common forum for all Indian drupallers, but at least for those who are major organizers in their communities and hence who will be important contributors to the Drupal con India and beyond that, makes a lot of sense.

There is still so much potential to be tapped that it will help to use systems that more people are familiar with. And most of the recent developers who have started using Drupal and the college students whom we wish to attract and retain as ambassadors (and who will form a very important part of the community in the years to come) will feel very comfortable in getting notified on their mobiles, live, in their areas of interest. Slack's ability to form channels within the main channel will also be so useful. I do see us getting too big for slack, but think we can get a good lot accomplished before then.

Having a website with relevant information on how to quickly scale up your regional Drupal community in time for drupalcon is also a necessity. Our regional websites alone will not be enough as we do need to realize that there are so many inputs from various other communities that could be helpful to all of us, and having them accessible at one place will save a lot of time and energy.

And we have reached a stage where we are going to be canvassing at a major level soon and having a place to showcase our progress and consolidation will make our canvassing that much more effective.

Quick Feedback

dipen chaudhary's picture


Been skimming through comments between calls and work :) My take on the proposal

Drupal India Website -- I think its a good idea and could acts as an aggregator of Regional Community highlights, contributor spotlights, Case studies etc. Basically more on lines of Drupal.com than drupal.org. We as a community are maturing year over year and the success of DCD and DCM is a testimony to that, I strongly feel we should continue focus our primary effort in regional groups and communities we are part of and reach out to new audience (DCAP and other efforts) in parallel. I don't see need of a login or bi-directional communication on Drupal India website.

Slack v/s IRC -- Regional communities like Pune, Mumbai are already using Slack to coordinate event planning etc and its very helpful. To understand if slack is needed at an India level, I think its more important to lay out what kind of communication we wish to improve -- Developers asking doubts (Drupal stack-exchange is a good place as these doubts are not regional) , Code sprint collaborations (On premise and IRC for global collaboration which we can't really get away with) I feel there are good tools already available for these kind of communication, Primary question is what kind of communication would slack help with?

P.S -- Written in a hurry.

Dipen Chaudhary
Founder, QED42 http://www.qed42.com Drupal development

That is the eventual plan for

hussainweb's picture

That is the eventual plan for the website. Like I said earlier, I did not want to outline the plan in this post but it seems everyone is mostly on the same page regarding the use of this website. This makes my plan much simpler to write. :)

I agree that we can't get away with IRC, and that is not the intention. I am not looking to define what kind of questions can be asked on slack and what can't. It might start out as many things and may end up catering to only one kind of conversations. We'll see how it goes. In any case, the hope is to get people in rather than forcing them to use IRC, which they won't, as they have managed so far without it.

Some suggestions

epari.siva's picture
  • Use this domain to aggregate content from regional groups on g.d.o.
  • Aggregate content created by Indian developers on d.o. & g.d.o.
  • Aggregate content from dedicated regional websites, twitter handles of regional groups
  • List all the links to regional group websites, twitter handles, facebook groups/pages, meetup.com groups, instagram accounts, etc.
  • Alerts/Feeds based on user's choice of g.d.o. groups, meetup.com groups, twitter handles, facebook groups/pages
  • Create a API to access a unified feed of all regional content to be consumed by different smartphone apps, desktop applications, etc.

Note: All this content can be curated by group/region admins

To put it simply, Due to the diversity of the media through which people are sending out information related to Drupal events, it's better to have a central site where we aggregate all this information.

Example for event aggregation:
1. http://eventhunt.io/ (Plain aggregator of curated events from meetup.com)
2. http://www.drupical.com/ (Event aggregation on a map)

Siva Kumar Epari

Spaceship before the cart.

AniG's picture

All these are great suggestions.

I see most of the folks are discussing a tool here and a domain there. IRC, Slack. India domain or not. Sigh.

I think it is pointless to debate tools when there is no consensus or cohesive strategy on a what a pan-India organising committee will actually be responsible for. It is (to me) like putting a spaceship before the cart.

India contributes the second highest traffic to Drupal.org. Nowhere close to in terms of code contributions. How will another website help? Drupal is not an inclusive community. It is an expansive community.

First. Lets understand what are we trying to accomplish here which is not getting done by the local communities or by Drupal.org? Does this actually add value here? Does it fill serious gaps?

Second. This is not something new. This has been discussed amongst the leaders in the Drupal community since 2011. Even as much as discussing a Drupal Association chapter or version of it for India.

There has never been much consensus on what needs to be done on pan-India level because each small Drupal focal group is focused regionally and still maturing. Mumbai and Delhi are taking different approaches to increasing participation. Both have had great success in their own distinct approach. Pune has another strategy altogether. There hasn't been much communication between any of these regional communities in India outside of the camps that crop up every year.

All this is changing. We are evolving. And quite rapidly. A lot of the interest is being driven by increasing business interest in Drupal in India, rather than being a purely developer focused community here.

With that huge traffic from India coming to Drupal.org from India, why do you need another website to divide the visitors? Drupal Association now has a dedicated group to work on a lot of updates needed for Drupal.org. Lets work with them to share information and avoid replication.

I would say there is enough work to be done in all the very diverse local Drupal hubs in India--Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai, Trivandrum, Dharamsala--than doing a pan-India initiative right now.

Focus on strengthening your community first and use that to empower others.

-Ani Gupta
Mumbai, India
@anigupta | fb.com/anigupta

spaceship before it's warp core

hussainweb's picture

I think it is pointless to debate tools when there is no consensus or cohesive strategy on a what a pan-India organising committee will actually be responsible for.

This is the reason I have not put any plans for the website or the tools (I am not counting website as a tool at the moment, as there is no plan yet, just a rough vision).

It is (to me) like putting a spaceship before the cart.

I would say we are putting a spaceship before it's warp core :) . Sometimes, that helps.

Lets understand what are we trying to accomplish here which is not getting done by the local communities or by Drupal.org? Does this actually add value here? Does it fill serious gaps?

In my opinion, it does.

I am not sure why this notion that drupal.org.in would mirror drupal.org cam up. Why would anyone do that?! Please read the vision I have outlined before. It seems very few have read that and most of the questions/concerns here would be resolved by those three points. Of course, I will compile the list of suggestions here which make sense and put it up in a fresh discussion this week. This should hopefully resolve most concerns.

This is not something new.

I know this, but I have not seen any action since this was last discussed. Also, I think it is wrong to compare the community today to the one four years back. The community today is much more mature and ready for this than it was during the effort four years back.

Both have had great success in their own distinct approach. Pune has another strategy altogether. There hasn't been much communication between any of these regional communities in India outside of the camps that crop up every year.

This is exactly what I am talking about. That is because each community is growing, learning, etc... at their own rate and there is nothing pan-India that helps this. And just because there is a pan-India initiative, it does not mean that each community loses their autonomy, or their way of doing things.

All this is changing. We are evolving. And quite rapidly.

Exactly, and this is why it is the perfect time to talk about Drupal on an Indian level. While you might say that the Indian community is the sum of all the local communities, I think it is much more than that. Building an Indian initiative after helping mature what local communities we have will do little to help develop very new ones, and even less for growing where none exists.

A lot of the interest is being driven by increasing business interest in Drupal in India, rather than being a purely developer focused community here.

I know some of the discussion tends to go to technical topics, such as IRC, Slack and so on, that is a by-product here (necessary ones, IMHO). Website is not that kind of a tool here.

With that huge traffic from India coming to Drupal.org from India, why do you need another website to divide the visitors?

Why do you think this would divide the visitors? Do you think people will come to drupal.org.in to learn Drupal or download Drupal? They would come here to learn about the Indian community in Drupal, which is not available anywhere else (not on drupal.org or groups.drupal.org). Do you think drupal.com is dividing visitors from drupal.org?

Drupal Association now has a dedicated group to work on a lot of updates needed for Drupal.org. Lets work with them to share information and avoid replication.

Definitely. But it is unlikely that we can have a region specific pages on drupal.org. We don't have a common intent for drupal.org.in. There is no replication.

I would say there is enough work to be done in all the very diverse local Drupal hubs in India--Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai, Trivandrum, Dharamsala--than doing a pan-India initiative right now.

Are these the only hubs in India? How do you know? What are we doing to identify other hubs, or even cities which have this potential.


It seems there is a different drift going on, mostly around the website and slack channel, which are really not even defined in direction yet. It is just a name and the purpose can be anything. In short, almost everyone is getting caught up in the method and execution rather than the idea (which is all it is at the moment).

I have not even started inviting people to Slack yet. I am just collecting names and emails. There is not even a placeholder page at drupal.org.in. It is all an idea. Where we go with this, is up to us.

Where I do differ from this discussion is the thought of strengthening local communities first. I have seen individuals and communities mature in last four years and I am sure that this path will continue. But I have also seen the need for a group that can help each of these communities share ideas and help execution. This is the roadblock we must overcome now.

Increasing community participation

lakshminp's picture

@aniG. couldn't have put it better.
We rather need to focus our energy on increasing community participation. It is already evident from D.o. traffic stats that India has a big hand to play.
The last time I checked, not many of them knew how to:
1. do an issue queue triage
2. how to use IRC
3. They were not even aware that we could go ahead and edit the documentation if they spotted something wrong.

How many Drupal users from India have a D.o. account?
I'm not even beginning to talk about code contributions. They're just a slice of the community pie. Not sure how fragmenting an Indian flavoured D.o. would help in that aspect.

Note to self: got to use "putting a spaceship before the cart" somewhere :)

Everything else is a great

hussainweb's picture

Everything else is a great question, but I don't see the relation to my post. We should tackle them sometime though.

Not sure how fragmenting an Indian flavoured D.o. would help in that aspect.

Again, this theme of reproducing d.o for India! I am not sure how this idea came about. Lot of communities have their own websites (almost every community, in fact). And I have not seen any trying to replicate d.o. Also, just to clarify, this is the most far fetched use of d.o.in I can think of. I mentioned once earlier that I don't even think we will have a user registration on this site, let alone d.o functionalities.

Whats next ?

vaibhavjain's picture


I see domain drupal.org.in is now booked.
What are our next steps here, Are we moving ahead to adopt Slack as platform to interact ? For Delhi community, we have already adopted slack.
Lets please decide on the communication platform, we then have to discuss a lot more things going ahead.

Vaibhav Jain

I am working on it. I am

hussainweb's picture

I am working on it. I am trying to address various concerns raised here. I am traveling tomorrow and will try to post something to take the discussion forward by Wednesday.

HELP .. is the key

dgoutam's picture

With due respect to all the comments and concerns raised here I strongly believe that particpation will increase irrespective of the communication platform. People will flock towards the platform where they get the best HELP. If we all the seniors of DI points and contribute to D.O /G.D.O it will become the defacto platform for all and for all the purposes as is the case for the other regions.

Drupal India: Communication channels have been bridged.

ranjithraj's picture

Hello Indian Drupallers,
This is to bring to your notice that IRC, Matrix Room and Telegram group of Drupal India communities have been bridged, that messaging in any platform will be shared to other platforms and you can chat with platforms you are comfortable with with no mandatory need to create accounts in other platforms.

Slack will be bridged soon, in near future.

Thanks to Drupal Infra Staff, for all the help in bridging.

Join these platforms:
Telegram Group - https://t.me/DrupalIndia (400 Members)
Matrix Room - #drupal-in:matrix.org
IRC - #drupal-in

Do you think any other Drupal India group/channel should be bridged to these, if yes please write in comments section.

Add your comments at https://groups.drupal.org/node/517453


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