DrupalCon Los Angeles Ohio Check-in and Dinner Planning

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It's that time of year again, DrupalCon!

In the tradition of DrupalCons past, we Ohioans (and former Ohioans) have gathered for an DrupalCon Ohio Dinner or as I refer to it the OHNO or Ohio Night Out! Our usual fare it seems has been Chinese (Portland, San Francisco), but we have dug in for some delicious deep dish pizza (Chicago).

Does anyone familiar with LA have any recommendations? There are plenty of restaurants, but we usually look to seat around 15 to 20 at a vegan and gluten-free restaurant.

So who else is going from Ohio? Check-in here!


who else

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At OSU, I know three from Melissa's team are going and three from engineering (Brian, Phoebe, and I). There's probably a couple others.

couple of first-timers

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There are a couple of us from the Akron area attending DrupalCon for the first time who would be interested.

What night?

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As long as it's not Wednesday night during the Pantheon party, I'm game. What night is best? Monday and Thursday have the fewest social events to compete with, but I know that people aren't always in town the whole week.

Prefer Monday night

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Personally, Monday works better.

Monday is ok

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I could do Monday.

Does anyone have any suggestions for places to eat? I'm staying in Little Tokyo and I only know places to eat outside of downtown.

Works for me

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I'm in for monday.

Count us in

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Melissa, Moe and I are attending the higher ed summit on Monday, which ends at 5, and then we'll probably get an early look at the exhibit hall. After that, we should be down.

I Mayyyyybe in

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Depending on time and place.... I too am at the Higher Ed summit Monday...


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There is an opening reception in West Hall from 5:00-6:30. Re: free beer.


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Let's meet at the front of the West Hall at 6:00 after the Opening Reception.

Sounds good. I will try to

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Sounds good. I will try to wrangle the OSU folks.

we are in

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My wife and I will join.