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I have installed the TelVue module, and the configuration works (and the API key works.)

I would like to push content to TelVue Connect. I have found a TelVue API to do this:
"Upload Video (JSON REST API)"
but so far I can get it only to upload the file and publish it, not upload any metadata.

I would like to set up a "gateway" for our users to upload content to Connect. This way I can make sure they have agreed to our "Statement of Compliance".

It seems the TelVue push button on the "show" page is for the server (and uses the server API.) Our station moderates content, however, so we need to first push the video to Connect. Our staff needs the metadata in making the decision whether to pull the media into the server.

Am I missing something that's already in the TelVue module? Any suggestions on how to proceed?



Connect not Supported

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To the best of my knowledge (and I use the Telvue push myself - but with our B3000 server) this module has never been programmed to work with Telvue Connect.

I'm assuming this is

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I'm assuming this is documentation for the Upload Video (JSON REST API) you are talking about. It sounds like you already have the file upload working using a "man/server in the middle" approach. Please open an issue in with patch or a snippet. Even if you don't end up using this code, it might help someone else in the future.

The REST portion of this is "easy". The CURL part is more difficult to do when hosting the site on anything other than your own server because most people really don't want large files going from the browser's computer -> webserver -> Telvue Connect. Because of the cost of storage and bandwidth in most hosting agreements, most people want the file to go directly from the browser's computer -> Telvue Connect.

Looking at, it doesn't look there is anyway to update the metadata for the file you've upload... which makes sense since Connect is sold per seat. By limiting API, Telvue allows you to move files to Connect with an automated workflow, but requires the file to be added as the user who would still need to login and update the file's metadata.

If it turns out there is a way to do that, we should add the functionality to the Telvue module.

Thanks for your detailed

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Thanks for your detailed answer. I do control the server, but do not have the "transfer file from user's computer to Telvue" part working - any suggestions on the best way to do that? It appears that Drupal's function file_transfer may do the trick?

I contacted Telvue about adding metadata to the API and here's their answer:
'The short answer to your question is unfortunately "no, not at this time". We might be able to get this into an upcoming release. I cannot make any promises at this time, but I have asked our development team to add this feature request to our list.'

I have NOT had any luck with the Telvue Push To Server button - the configuration works, so that means that the API account on the server works, but no metadata ever shows up. Maybe I'm expecting too much? We brought the file into the server from Connect (and it has bizarre metadata because none was supplied when "published"), but can't get Telvue Push to update its metadata - is this not what the module does?


The Tevlue module should

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The Telvue module should update the metadata on a playback server. Are you configuring this to go from a server w/ the .mpg -> Connect -> your playback server, then using Telvue Push to push the metadata from the server -> playback server.

The key to the Telvue module is it requires a matching filename on the server. The filename comes from the expected filename field altered to use .mpg as the file suffix If that doesn't match, the program won't accept the metadata from Drupal. You can test to see if Drupal can "see" the file using dsm(telvue_content_metadata_by_filename('[FILENAME].mpg')); in Devel's PHP tool or in a custom module. That should return an array of the metadata the Telvue server already knows about the file.

From what I understand, the Telvue Connect service uses the same APIs on the playback servers the Drupal modules use. That could be part of the problem if Connect is configured to continue pushing and/or pulling updates from Connect.

Multiple Drupal sites can be configured to point to same playback server. If there was a node on each server that had the same expected filename, the sites would "fight" over the changes... with the site where the node was last updated winning. This can be an issue when running a stage and dev version of a site that remains connected to the same Telvue.

It might help if you create a diagram of how you'd like this to work like