Florida Drupal 8 Release Party will be held at Fossetcon conference in Orlando FL

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2015-11-19 20:00 - 23:55 America/New_York
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Drupal 8 Release Party

Join Drupal Users from all across the Southeast to celebrate the launch of Drupal 8!

When: The party starts at 8pm on Thursday November 19th and ends at midnight.

Where: We'll be in Downtown Disney at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista! We'll be in Salon 6.

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista
Salon 6
1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard,
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

What: We'll have tshirts, giveaways, trivia, food to give away, and there will be plenty of beer to drink, too!

Details: We're collaborating with a local free open source conference, Fossetcon, to provide the venue. Fossetcon will be Nov 19th-21st at the same venue, and topics include Linux, Docker, Drupal, and other free software. Tickets to Fossetcon start at $10. More details on Fossetcon at http://fossetcon.org. You do not need a ticket to Fossetcon to attend the party.

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Sign up!

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If you're planning on attending the release party, please click the "Sign up" button above!


Yep, and we need volunteers!

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Yep, and we need volunteers! I'm putting together some FOSS trivia, and we need help with that and a lot of other things

I have a game called Geek

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I have a game called Geek Battle, which is a good source of SciFi and technology trivia. I wonder how the DrupalCon folks collect their questions...

I will be there! I'm also

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I will be there! I'm also volunteering for anything I can help with.

Do we need to purchase

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Do we need to purchase tickets to Fossetcon in order to attend this party?

no ticket

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Nope - no ticket necessary.


I'm volunteering too.

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I can't afford to attend such things unless I'm volunteering to work on them. RMS may be surprised to see me here if he shows up early for FossettCon. It's been a few years since we last ran into each other.

   Ozzie, Licensed Geek (ham radio license N4SCY)
   Robert Osband, Consulting Computerist

tel:321-Liftoff (+1 321 543 8633)
http://LaunchInfo.com (launch status for phone browsers)

YAY OZZIE! I miss you :D

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YAY OZZIE! I miss you :D

I can help with a t-shirt design and signage

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Would we want to incorporate any FossettCon into the designs?

I say sure. No reason not to!

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I say sure. No reason not to!

I4 or 417?

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Which would be the best way of getting there from Sanford - pop over to I4 or take 417?

I'd probably just let Google

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I'd probably just let Google navigate you there... it's saying take 417 down to 408, 408 to I4, I4 the rest of the way.

You can take 417 down to 528 but Google says that's a tiny bit (2 minutes) slower. Or 417 all the way down to 535, which gets you pretty much to the door.


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Thanks. Is either direction better from the POV of known traffic problems at that time of evening?

I4 has bad rush hour traffic

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I4 has bad rush hour traffic but by 7-8 PM I think it should be cleared up.

Google Maps

tl;dr Google says no, not really.

Damien: You can't attend

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Damien: You can't attend unless you're going to have your bunny ears on!!

potential t-shirt design

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drupal8shirt.png in our dropbox.
If it looks ok I'll try to get it printed up. I'm not sure who Natalie was using for our shirts before.

Sizes, amounts and funding suggestions?

Thanks Dorothy! I don't have

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Thanks Dorothy!

I don't have our Dropbox synced up (and am almost out of disk space). Can you please post a link to the file?

Just tuned into this. Been

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Just tuned into this. Been buried in work. I'm going to try and be there. Anyone need a ride or interested in car pooling? Let me know.

I had planned to come

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...Until the date changed to Thursday. Got a paid gig that night. D'mit. Otherwise I would have been happy to carpool with you. I am very sad.

Well dang it.

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Well dang it.

Have fun

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I hope everyone has fun tonight. I would love to be there but I am still in Miami


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