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I've got a bunch of markers (think: cows) that I'd like to move around on a Geoip map (I usually use google maps). Their coordinates are sorted by date & time in a field.

I haven't been able to find a module that would show an animated map of their movements. Does anyone know of one, or am I seriously lacking in search-fu?


I didn't find any pre-built

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I didn't find any pre-built solutions, but you may be able to just do that with Views.

Option 1:
Create an exposed filter for the time frame. Have your View load via ajax. Each time the filter is changed, a new map will display. Consider it "manual animation".

Option 2:
Create a static map for each time frame (which could be generated dynamically). Load that image into a Views slideshow of some kind. Adjust the transition type and timing to make it look like animation.

Alternatively, you can write your own. Check out "Mapping with Drupal":

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