Santa Cruz DUG Global Sprint Weekend: Review/Debug Drupal 8 Multilingual Sites Book

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2016-01-30 11:00 - 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting



Aimee Degnan is writing the Drupal 8 Multilingual Sites book. It will be ready for "debugging" by the end of the month so we will be doing a book review/debug during Global Sprint Weekend.


Saturday January 30th from 11am to 5pm


Nextspace is graciously donating their space for the event. Thanks to Darren Odden for organizing that! Ring the buzzer when you get there and will buzz you in.


We'll print copies of the book so you'll just need to bring your laptop. The site can be built locally, via, Pantheon, Acquia, etc.

We will feed you and get whatever drinks you want.. I know there are a number of people with dietary restrictions. Since we'll be downtown, some options for food are:

  • Pizza My Heart - pizza by the slice
  • El Palomar taco bar - tacos/burritos
  • Planet Fresh - tacos/burritos
  • Zocolli's - sandwiches/deli food
  • Betty's Burgers - burgers (meat/fish/vegetarian)
  • Falafel House - falafel/mediterranean
  • Sitar - Indian
  • Trader Joe's - drinks/snacks/pre-made sandwiches/wraps/etc
  • Lulu's / Peet's / Verve - coffee :)


We will need to know who's coming so that we print enough books and get the right food. So... if you will be coming, please leave a comment with:

  • Food preference(s)
  • Drink preference(s)
  • What times you will be there (if it's not the whole time)



I'll be there!

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Pizza, diet coke, I'll be there at 11 - see how long I last :)


I am a Maybe

juliavdw's picture

Depending on how "big" that week is for me I may be able to come.
There is a way that tacos can support my food necessities. I'll check back in later with a "for sure" or "not", probably the week before.

Sounds good!

Kristen Pol's picture

Cool. Even if you can just come for a bit, that's good too. We can definitely do tacos. I'm thinking Mexican might end up accommodating people the best.

At this point, I think that

juliavdw's picture

At this point, I think that if I am able to do work-like things on Saturday, it should be actual billable hours. Big week and an unforeseen delay for major project.
I will miss this fun project and seeing everyone.

sure, i'll come

maryedith's picture

When is this to be? DUG night next month? Else Mondays or Wednesdays are best for me.
Sounds fun.
Mary Edith

It's Jan 30th for Global Sprint weekend

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Details on top of page. I'll make it clearer once I'm not on my phone. :)

I will be there too. =)

darol100's picture

I will be there too. =)


Kristen Pol's picture

Sounds good. What are your food/drink preferences?

Details updated

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Hi all,

Darren has arranged Nextspace for us! Yay, Darren! :)

I've updated the summary section with the details. I can run around and get food at different places so if you aren't sure yet what you will want, that's ok. Since we'll be downtown, it will be easy.


Added restaurants

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I've updated the details with a list of restaurants with fairly fast but decent food. There are plenty of others but these ones come to mind. If you have a favorite to add to the list, let me know. :)

Well of course

oddencreative's picture

Well of course I'll be there in some form or fashion...


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Thanks again for the help. Happy to buy your lunch/drinks/snacks from wherever you'd like and, if you are bringing your kid or others, happy to buy them lunch too!

Mary Edith will be there

maryedith's picture

Yes, I'll be there. I will join with whatever food preference is most prevalent. When you know the 'winner', I'll place an order!

I'll be there

darrylri's picture

Just added this to my calendar.

Food orders

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I'll just take food orders at 11am (or whenever someone shows up if they are late) and then go out and get food+drinks. I'll probably bring my kids along too so they can help carry stuff. :)

Chapters 1 through 5

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Hi all,

The plan is to review/debug Chapters 1 through 5 on Saturday. Then, Aimee is going to write fast and furious and we can review Chapter 6 on Tuesday night:

:) Kristen

I may be a bit late

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I'm committed to other aspects of the sprint, but will be happy to help on the book as well.


Happy you can make it

Kristen Pol's picture

See you there!


Kristen Pol's picture

Hi all,

Darren is already there and booked the room from 10am to 5pm so I'm going to head down shortly. If you want to come before 11am, come on down!



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We have a pot of coffee brewed and standing by!

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