What is the best choice for small business?

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Best choice for small business

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For Short term success: SEM (Spending required depends on the business type)
For Long term success: SEO

Best choice is SEO

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Marketing ongline is more and more importan. I think Seo is the best choice for any kind of business

Depend on your products

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My answer is: depend on your products type. If they are normally, just SEM is OK, because you will take long time for SEO these keywords.
But if you have a new product, you should use both SEO and SEM, it will go to top google the fastest.

Pick both

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Well, that depends a lot... Best choice is try out different marketing channels and do what works best. In general, SEO and SEM is really good combination.

Main success factor in this is to set smart marketing goals and pick right SEO/SEM tools and measure everything what's relevant to your business.

SEO Overview

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Here you guys can find interesting information about SEO.

Much fun!