Update on the project to create a standardized Drupal Curriculum for Drupal Developers

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A couple of months back we had posted an announcement that we are looking to compile and publish our Drupal training curriculum so that we can collectively work towards a publicly available Drupal training curriculum specifically targeted at Drupal companies looking to hire and train Drupal developers. We are happy to announce that we have completed the first phase of this initiative.

We have now completed publishing of almost all of the training content we had compiled under this wiki under the open curriculum project. A table of contents is available at


We would like to thank all the community members who have helped us in this initiative so far and would like to invite everybody to come join us in this initiative as we try to make this better.

We are now looking to make available all of this content under a publicly accessible moodle instance so that people can sample the curriculum under a proper learning management system.

Once again thanks for all the support so far. Look forward to continued support from the community in this initiative.

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