New in Florida

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Hello Florida's Drupalers, I recently moved in to Miami and I'm wondering if you had any meetup near or other community event to meet you guys.

Even when I'm using and developing with Drupal for more than 5 years, in Havana (where I came from) the drupalers aren't organized so I'm looking for a little of knowledge about on how to integrate to your community now that I'm here. I guess the first step should be become a Drupal Association member so I already did it. Now if there is anything else you can recommend me to do just let me know, I'll appreciate any help about. Thanks in advance.

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Daneel Cruz.


Drupal Meeting

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Broward Drupal the next meeting is on July 13, 2016 in Davie at 7:00 pm. Let me know if you need more info. or give me a call 786-286-0773

Ronald Norman