Drupal 8 Essential Training - Free enrolment for a limited time.

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Dear Friends,
NO programming skills are required.

This course is suitable for anyone who want to use and manage Drupal 8 in their organisation.


It took me over 6 months of hard work to create this Drupal 8 tutorial series. There are 50+ videos in this and I will be adding more and regularly updated. After this I am hoping to create an intermediate and an advanced series later.

Enrolment is FREE for a limited time. Pass it on to your friends and collegues who may benefit from learning Drupal 8.



Thank you :-)

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Thank you so much for this contribution to the Drupal community - I have been putting off learning D8 for months, and this will jumpstart my learning.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

Drupal 8 is much easier to

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Drupal 8 is much easier to learn. Best wishes.

Kanna Das
IT Business Analyst, Project Manager, IT Educator

Drupal 8 - Essential Training