Introducing Wolfeboro Web Geeks

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Hello Everyone!

Jake and I are going to be starting Wolfeboro Web Geeks soon (for Aug?)! Because of the smaller number of people available in our area, we decided to cast a wider net and discuss more than just Drupal.

For starters, we are just going to meet at a local (TBD) bar. Once this gets rolling, we will find a place with A/V equipment to use.

My questions are this:

  • Best day to meet?
    • 2nd Tuesday
    • 2nd Thursday (previous slot of Manchester)
    • 3rd Tuesday
  • Best time to meet?
    • 6:00pm
    • 6:30pm



This Sounds Great

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I'm so glad you are doing this! Thanks!

For those of you who don't know Michelle and Jake, they put together the Manchester Drupal User Group years ago and build a great thriving community that even put together some statewide and New England wide events.

Both Jake and Michelle are technically very savvy and very good at organizing. They are veterans at putting together technical events and communities, and for good reason. Every event I have attended by them as been fun, informative, career enhancing, and great for networking and meeting great people.

I'm so glad to have them here in Wolfeboro and I think you will be too. Do yourself a big favor. Sign up and come on and check this out.


I'm good any day and 6:30 would be my choice of time.

We are on the calendar!

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I have created the inaugural meeting of Wolfeboro Web Geeks!

Please RSVP so that I can make reservations.

Michelle Lauer

Hurray for Web Geeks! I will

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Hurray for Web Geeks! I will rarely be able to make it to the meetings in-person, but I went ahead and joined and will help promote the group.

Thanks JP!

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Thanks JP!

Michelle Lauer

New Hampshire

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