Chris McCafferty (cilefen) as provisional committer

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With Drupal 8 now adding new features on a regular release cycle, the Drupal 8 committers identified the need for additional release management. Today I am announcing that Chris McCafferty (cilefen) has accepted my invitation to be provisional Drupal 8 committer.

Chris is a United States-based web programmer at the Institute for Advanced Study who has worked with Drupal and the Symfony framework for over four years. He is also a core mentoring coordinator who has put in uncounted hours mentoring contributors in person and on IRC and has lead major issue triage sprints at DrupalCons in Los Angeles and New Orleans. In addition, Chris spreads the word about Drupal by mentoring at other events, such as OpenHatch Princeton.

Chris makes significant contributions to a wide variety of Drupal core issues. If you have worked in the issue queue in the last few years, you have probably interacted with Chris on topics ranging from front-end to the testing frameworks. He has the attitude and skills needed to foster collaboration among the talented contributors in the Drupal community and to continue releasing Drupal on time. Please join me in welcoming Chris.


Great news!

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Keep up the good work cilefen!

There is no better issue

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There is no better issue wrangler, for sure! And I'm sure Chris will have plenty of support from our local group whenever he needs it.

Exciting news - I think Chris

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Exciting news - I think Chris has the right mix of skills to do a great job as a core committer


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Wonderful News

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Congrats Chris!

Wow, congrats

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Glad to see this great news. Congratulations.


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Good news, well deserved!


Hope it's not too late to

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Hope it's not too late to join the congratulations chorus.
Well deserved, and good luck!

Congratulations on your

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Congratulations on your progress!

Congrats Chris

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You did a great Job. Thanks Chris!

congrats Chris

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congrats Chris

Thank you. I appreciate the

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Thank you. I appreciate the encouragement!