Drupal Global Training Day Brisbane (Beginners and Intermediate)

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2016-12-03 09:00 - 17:00 Australia/Brisbane
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Training (free or commercial)

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems to build websites.
Drupal global training day aims to introduce Drupal to wider audience.
Workshops will give you in depth knowledge of Drupal website building and understanding of basic concepts.

Drupal 8 introduction
Length: 3 hours
Goal: Learn basics of Drupal 8 site building
Agenda: Building cinema website using Drupal 8
- Drupal: installation
- Drupal: taxonomies
- Drupal: content types
- Website: homepage
- Drupal: content types
- Website: basic pages
- Drupal: basic fields
- Website: movies
- Drupal: blocks
- Website: social media links
- Drupal: reference fields
- Drupal: basic views
- Website: cinema sessions
- Drupal: view modes / form view modes
- Website: news pages / news list
- Website: contact form

Drupal 8 intermediate
Length: 4 hours
Goal: Extend basic knwoledge of Drupal 8 site building
Agenda: Extending cinema website using Drupal 8
- Drupal: modules
- Drupal: paragraphs
- Website: extending basic home page
- Drupal: intermediate dates
- Drupal: intermediate views
- Website: extending cinema to multiple screens
- Drupal: extending forms
- Website: creating competition pages
- Drupal: features
- Website: exporting functionality


Greeting and share Drupal community from Tokyo

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We will open Drupal Global Training Day at Dec.3, Saturday in Tokyo from 10am to 6 pm.
And if possible to connect your GTD by Skype or something 10 mituues, which means
greeting with share Drupal community with each others.

If you will Okay, please let me know and I will arrange your request time at our
local Tokyo GTD schedule. Thank you.


Kazu Hodota

kazu Hodota Gennai3 Corporation email: hodota@gennai3.co.jp


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