Minutes from Drupal Ireland Committee Meeting in February

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Hi all.

The committee had our monthly meeting last week. We talked mainly about the forthcoming Drupal Open Days:


We started by considering reducing the Camps to just one a year. The main reason being that having two Camps a year may result in the events not being well organised. We thought that to prepare it properly it could take up to 6 months. Another reason is that the Camps are currently organised by the same people, which may burnt them out.

If we were to have just one decent Drupal Open Days a year, the first question to ask ourselves is “Who is going to organise it?”. In that regard we have just asked for an organiser to work side by side with the Committee in organising the event.

We believe that setting a day well in advance will help not only the organisation of the Camp, but also allow people to plan the attendance/journey to the event. We would like to aim for an over 100 attendee figure, ideally including people from outside the community, and would like to focus on “diversity” and “quality of sessions”.

We highlighted that the fact of deciding to have one big, properly organised Drupal Open Days doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t have a second one on the same year (of approximately 40 attendees, more community only focus) if someone suggests or organises it.

We would like to gather as much community opinion as possible regarding this issue. Please let your voice be heard on this post on whether or not you think we should have one or two Camp a year.

If having one Camp a year, we discussed the most appropriate date and location and decided to go for a major Irish city (maybe Dublin every second year and another city each year in between) and a date that wouldn’t clash with DrupalCon (September) or some other events such as Front End United or UX Camp Dublin (both taking place in may). We would also avoid the summer months of July and August.

After checking different venue options during the last month (Dospace, Dogpatch Lab, Guinness Enterprise Centre, DIT Grangegorman), our preferred venue would be GEC and the suggested dates are now Fri 16th and Sat 17th of June.


We also picked some topics to discuss at the next committee meeting, such as promotion of next event, if we want to continue the Drupal Camp as a free event, look at sponsorships packages the like of slots in between talks or make a final decision on the one “event versus two events” a year debate.


Finally, we confirmed that cheques for previous events (such as Limerick and Cork) have been sent and received.


If anyone wants to voice an opinion about anything in the minutes, please post a comment below. The Committee will meet again on Wednesday the 8th March.