Drupalcamp Brighton 2017 - Kickoff meeting

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2017-03-02 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Hi All,

Let's get together and get the wheels moving on Drupalcamp Brighton 2017!

Points to discuss following this weeks pub meetup:

  • Stickers
  • Venue - Brighton college?
  • Sponsorship
  • Camp structure - (eg. Fri Business/training day, Sat session day w/ 3 tracks, Sun un-conf day)
  • Keynote speaker


Platf9rm co-working space




Great - so we are definitely

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Great - so we are definitely on!

I'm at DrupalCamp London next weekend. It would be good to plug it there, so if you have any details let me know and I'll try to get it mentioned.

Second, is the 2016 website still available? I am trying to email someone about the camp right now (who might be a potential sponsor) and wanted to show them what it's like, but there's just a splash page for 2017. It would be a shame to lose it - we should be proud of the camp, plus it's good marketing material. If hosting is an issue I am happy to take it and archive it somewhere.

Hey Erik!

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Hey Erik!

Plan was to coordinate getting some stickers ready for DC London. The 2016 content is still available and published just not linked from the homepage at the moment. We could take a snap-shot of the site and put up a 2016 subdomain elsewhere?

Either way we need to do some code updates ;)


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Hi All - just a reminder that this is happening tomorrow night if people are still available?

If you could sign-up to the event if you're able to make it so i can get an idea of numbers.


For anyone coming tonight...

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For anyone coming tonight... we'll be ordering in pizza!


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Sounds tasty! Thanks Rich!

In other news we're going to need have a discussion about the date and/or location. I've contacted CCB and they are booked up that weekend but have 24-25th free. Also, it's seems Drupal Days have done it again and put their date the same as ours...https://milano2017.drupaldays.eu/

One to discuss later.


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FYI https://www.drupalcampbristol.co.uk/ is the weekend after 24-25.

Have a great meeting, see some of you over the weekend no doubt!

Un-signed up

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I most likely won't end up making it tonight since I've got to meet up with Frankie's sitter for the weekend. So that's -1 for pizza if someone is counting.

Can't make tonight. but will

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Can't make tonight. but will be in DC London over the weekend.

For any of those heading over tonight

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For any of those heading over tonight - please ring the buzzer marked Platf9rm and we'll buzz you in.

We're on the 6th floor

I can't make it tonight I'm

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I can't make it tonight I'm afraid.
Hopefully see some of you in London over the weekend.