New Drupal 8 core committers: Gábor, Roy and Lauri

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In order to achieve a steady stream of innovation in Drupal 8 core, it's important to keep up velocity. To do so we aim to clearly define and scope our top priorities and support the contributors that choose to work on these high impact changes. Another way to do this is through timely reviews and commits of "Reviewed and tested by the community" (RTBC) issues, which is done by the core committer team.

As we've experienced unprecedented contributor growth with the release of Drupal 8, so too has the growth of new ideas, bug fixes, and feature improvements. I'm pleased to announce that we are growing the core committer team in response to these increasing demands, by appointing two new Product Managers (Gábor Hojtsy and Roy Scholten) and a new front-end focused Framework Manager (Lauri Eskola) to the team.

Gábor Hojtsy

Gábor started working on Drupal back in the 4.3 days, about 14 years ago. Using it for a Hungarian web development community site, he found some parts hard to translate, and immediately got involved to fix those bugs. He has wide ranging experience in managing core itself as the release manager of Drupal 6, setting up -- a unique community translations platform --, co-leading major international events such as DrupalCon Szeged and Drupal Dev Days Szeged, and working with 1600+ contributors in the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative to level up multilingual support in core. He received the Aaron Winborn award in 2016.

Gábor is looking forward to enable and unblock the community working on all kinds of user facing improvements from the smallest fixes to the larger revamps.

Roy Scholten

Roy has been working with Drupal for over 10 years. Since bootstrapping the Drupal UX team in 2007 he has consistently focused on making Drupal easier to understand and use. He started contributing with his user interface work for the Views and Panels contributed modules. During the development of Drupal 7 he helped make big usability improvements happen in the D7UX project. These efforts made him a top 30 contributor to Drupal 7 core and he has been a core “usability maintainer” since then.

He collaborated on the redesign of major parts of Drupal 8 and helped define the process for adding big new features to new releases of Drupal 8. He’s a regular speaker at DrupalCons and local events, was part of the Content Working Group advising on an improved content strategy for and likes to rewrite your interface texts.

Roy will focus on helping people decide which features and improvements to work on and supporting those design and development efforts that will make Drupal easier to understand, learn and use.

Lauri Eskola

Lauri has been working with Drupal for almost nine years. He is one of the Drupal 8 Theme API maintainers, and he was listed as a top 30 contributor to Drupal 8.

During the last four years, Lauri has made efforts around cleaning up markup and creating the Classy base theme, making improvements to the theme system to improve theming experience, and helping to fix some of the security criticals related to the theme system that were blocking Drupal 8's release. He is also passionate about improving the user experience, and have helped the UX team to implement changes to Drupal’s user interfaces.

Lauri's primary goal is to help user-facing improvements take place. He will also pay attention to enabling improvements to underlying theming systems.

Welcome to the team! :-)



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Congratulations Gábor, Roy & Laurii !

I have had the opportunity of getting mentored from Lauri in Drupal Camp Delhi 2014. I hope to connect with these awesome guys in the Issue queue. :P

Cheers !!


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Congratulations Gábor, Roy & Laurii !

You are all deserve it :-)

Navneet Singh

WOW! Congrats to all three,

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WOW! Congrats to all three, and also: thanks! :)

Great news, many thanks all!

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Great news, many thanks all! :)

It's a good day for Drupal

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Congrats all. Well deserved.

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Congrats all. Well deserved.


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Congrats, and thanks!

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I'm glad to see more people offer to help push changes over the final step to being committed, I know many of the others in this position have been too busy to help recently so this will help balance things off again. Thanks to everyone who helps with this!

Great news, Congrats to all

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Great news, Congrats to all three.

Woohoo, happy to see more

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Woohoo, happy to see more core maintainers and committers! Glad to see more people on the team especially these people.


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3 cheers for 3 awesome contributors.

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Wow. This is such great news.

I'm actually grinning to see Lauri, Gábor and Roy join the team. All have shown amazing commitment with their actions over the years. I've long admired the clarity and purpose they bring to their contributions.

Thank you to all of you.


Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

Congrats everyone! Well

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Congrats everyone! Well deserved!

This takes us up to 10 for 8.x? I found some documentation at, but it's hard to come by.

Congratulations everyone!

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Congratulations everyone! Well deserved too. Glad to see the team growing