Minutes from the third Drupal Ireland Committee Meeting in March

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Hi all. The Committee had a brief meeting today and we have confirmed the venue and the dates for the next Drupal Camp:

Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC)
20th / 21st October

The committee will be meeting again on Wednesday the 5th April, mainly to discuss sponsorship packages and promotion strategy.

The website will be going live very soon.

If anyone wants to voice an opinion about anything in the minutes, please post a comment below.


OK with me but won't be there

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I'll be working from India from mid-September through the end of the year, so won't be able to go. I have no regrets since I agree with the earlier comments about this date being best for the community. I'd planned to do a presentation on BrowserSync & Drupal 8 Theming but I'll submit it at one of the earlier monthly Dublin Meetups instead.