Using headless drupal with Node.js

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has anyone used Headless drupal with Node.js? I'm thinking of converting فروشگاه ساز to headless drupal for ease of adding content and managing our landing pages.

this way I can even manage multiple sites (i.e. our landing pages/ blogs/ etc.) from one Drupal instance whilst keeping the frontend flexible.


It's funny you say that, but

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It's funny you say that, but I was just talking about this with my front-end developer. I set it up on my personal site and i've been experimenting with it.

I kind of feel like it's the future. My reasoning is mostly for rapid front-end development. Right now to develop the front end we end up with a large chunk of time sunk into working around issues that comes up within the Drupal ecosystem. If we separate out the front-end content into something that is more easily manipulated then we would benefit a lot.

Headless Drupal

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There are quite a few sources on the Internet for doing headless Drupal with Java script front ends.

Here is a blog post on using node

Also This is Amitai Burstein project for scaffolding out Drupal into a javascript project.

A little research should help you get started.