Sydney May 2017 Meetup: Drupal 8 Workshop

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2017-05-18 18:00 - 21:00 Australia/Sydney
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User group meeting

For May's meetup, we're going to try something different.

We're going to host a Drupal 8 workshop where you'll learn the benefits of choosing Drupal in 2017 and get a beginner's guide to Drupal theming and module development.

If you're trying to decide if Drupal is the right choice and want to get under the hood, then come and join us.

If you have any Drupal questions, bring your laptop, and we'll be more than happy to help.

UPDATE: All three slots have been taken. Thanks to the speakers for volunteering.


18:00 Drinks
18:30 Introduction
18:40 Presentation 1
19:00 Presentation 2
19:20 Presentation 3
19:30 Drinks, pizza, socialising and mentoring
21:00 Kickout

Presentation 1: Why Choose Drupal 8 in 2017 (20 mins)
By Muzammel Hoque

Presentation 2: Beginner's Guide to Drupal Theming (20 mins)
By Max Pogonowski­

Presentation 3: Beginner's Guide to Drupal Module Development (20 mins)
By Jibran Ijaz


17-19 Alberta St
Level 3

Enter 31 on the keypad and come up to level 3.


Module development

jibran's picture

I can do module development one.

Config split

8thom's picture

I could do a quick talk on setting up

But it would need to be remote as I'll be in Fiji.

I'm still keen to get up to Sydney at some stage we haven't had a local meetup in Melb this year :(

Sounds good

murrayw's picture

We've discussed doing remote presentations for a while now and have even given the setup at the venue a quick trial run. So it certainly is possible. If you were up for it Thom that'd be great. We'd love to see more of this in the future.

Config Split certainly sounds like it has got the momentum and a presentation on that would be very welcome this month or one following. Ivan is organising this meetup - so I'll leave the scheduling to him.

Drupal Geek

How about June

murrayw's picture

Thom, can we pencil you in for June?

Drupal Geek

Sounds good, will try to get

8thom's picture

Sounds good, will try to get up that way for the June meetup.

Its been ages since I've been to Sydney...


Darvanen's picture

I could do theming - I should be better than last time ;)

Hi Max, Great, I'll add you

Ivan Zugec's picture

Hi Max,

Great, I'll add you as the theming presenter.



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