New Drupal 8 Committer: Lee Rowlands!

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I am pleased to announce that Lee Rowlands has accepted our invitation to be a Drupal 8 provisional framework manager.

Lee is based in Australia and has been heavily involved with the Drupal community both at home and internationally. His involvement with core and his contributions to a huge variety of projects on is impressive. You can read more about his contributions at his Community Spotlight. A quote:

"As a contributor you are incredibly lucky to have your work constructively reviewed by some of the world's best programmers. Every time someone makes a suggestion on your patch, you learn a little more. I've learnt so many programming concepts from reviewing other's code and having my code reviewed by others."

For years, Lee has been stepping up to do what's most needed for Drupal. For example, when Forum module was potentially at risk of being removed from core, Lee stepped up to adopt it in response. He's also very active on the Drupal security team to ensure fixes go out in a timely manner. Lee cares both about the maintainability of Drupal itself and the concerns and experiences of other Drupal contributors.

Lee builds sites for some of the Australia's largest government, education, media and non-profit organizations. He has spoken regularly at events in Australia/New Zealand since 2010. In addition, Lee is a long-time mentor to others, and has inspired many people all over the world to be a part of the Drupal community.

Please join me in welcoming Lee.



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WOW, Congrats larowlan this is super amazing.

Congrats Lee!

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So happy that a co-worker and fellow Australian has been given this responsibility. Could not come to a more deserved person.

Thanks Lee

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Like all other core contributors, I really appreciate that you're taking on this responsibility. Thanks and congratulations.

Congratulations, and thanks!

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Congratulations, and thank you! Looking forward to working with you more than we already did in the past!

Congrats Lee

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That's a great decision! Lee is smart & very focused!

Awesome Lee, so well

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Awesome Lee, so well deserved. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for the kind words

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Thank you for the kind words everyone.

All right!

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Congratulations and Thank you for your great work !

Hell yes

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Oh, this is good news. Thank you for all you do, Lee, and will do in this role. :)


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It's another good day for Drupal

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I could not be more pleased to have Lee in this role.

Congratulations, Lee - very

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Congratulations, Lee - very well deserved, and you will do a great job! :)

Thank you for dedicating time

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Thank you for dedicating time and energy to Drupal, it is good to read we have another core commiters team member. Best of luck and I hope to once meet you at a Drupal event.

Congratulations Lee, very

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Congratulations Lee, very much deserved!

Great news

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Very happy to see a committed and talented Drupaler like you joining the core team!

Congratulations Lee! Great to

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Congratulations Lee! Great to see another passionate developer join the core commiters.

Good choice, and

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Good choice, and congratulations Lee.

Awesome to see another

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Awesome to see another passionate developer and mentor as D8 committer. Congratulations Lee.


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Congrats Lee. Thanks for all you do.


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Fantastic news! Thanks Lee, for your contributions to the project :D Can I shout you to lunch/dinner next time I'm up your way?

Thanks Lee!

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I am a complete Drupal nobody and still beginner in Drupal,
but Lee helped fix the main problem I had in D8
(I was migrating away from Ning 2). I am very grateful.

I did not know Forum was at risk (what a shock to hear this!)
Thank you for saving it: if you start and cannot yet code Drupal
(I am a C++ developer, but Web is far away from CAD ..),
you just need forum to structure your content.

If you are in/near Munich, just mail,
you are invited for at least a dinner!