Drupal Community accessibility sprint (NL/Remote)

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2017-07-02 (All day) Europe/Amsterdam
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On Sunday, July 2, Synetic organizes a community
sprint to improve the accessibility of Drupal. Will you be there?

Important information is being shared more and more
trough websites, apps or other online tools and therefore less on paper. That
is why accessibility ends up higher on the agendas of governments and
organizations. For example, the Netherlands has taken the lead in the European
Union regarding rules for (online) accessibility. Since October 2016 this
became a fact and the concerning (semi) government organizations have to meet
these rules within two years. For example, in the United States you can even be
criminal prosecuted if your product is not accessible.

Also within the Drupal Community this will be a focus
point and to contribute to the further developments of the accessibility of
Drupal, Synetic organizes a (code) sprint on July 2.

The sprint will, among other things, be focused on the
completion of the experimental Inline Form Errors module in Drupal 8. Drupal is
known for the convenience with which content can be expanded with extra fields.
However, the end-user experience still leaves much to be desired. For example,
in case of error notifications on a webpage it is very difficult to find the
concerning fields.   

The Inline Form Errors module provides a great
improvement in this area. Thanks to the module error notifications are directly
displayed next to the problematic field. Through a summary of all the
notifications you can also navigate directly to the area where the corrections
need to be performed with one click. It cost a lot of hard work to stabilise
this module but the last small adjustments are necessary to keep the module in

We will also, supported by the Accessibility workgroup,
work on other issues which will improve the browsing for people with
disabilities. Our goal is a WAI-ARIA proof Drupal
8. Why is this necessary? Try to use a website with a screen
reader like Chromevox
with your eyes closed.

For whom is this code sprint?

The sprint is accessible for everyone. From beginner to
expert and for front-end or back-end developers but also for testers. Of course
it is an advantage if you are familiar with developing for Drupal.

During the code sprint you will work on a couple of
issues for the Inline Form Errors module so we can take away the last obstacles
towards the release.

There will also be mentors present from the Drupal
community during the code sprint, who can help you. These are the following

Len Swaneveld, Erik Stielstra, Marc van Gend, Baris
and Daniël Smidt (Inline
Form Errors maintainer)

What does the program look like?

Times are CET.

09:30 – Walk-in

10:00 – Kick-off

13:00 – Lunch

18:00 – Pizza

22:30 – Official ending 

Location of the event

The code sprint will take place at the Synetic office
directly next to the Central Station of Haarlem. Therefore the location can
easily be reached by public transport.

Any remote worker is also very welcome to join us!


Kennemerplein 2

2011 MJ Haarlem

Care to join? We have enough space for people but this is
not unlimited, so apply fast!


Alternate location?

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There's also going to be a sprint happening in Bristol, UK at the same time. (Part of Drupal Camp Bristol.)

I'll be able to help with issues/mentoring there.

I'm participating remotely from the UK

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I'm going to take part remotely, from the UK. Mostly I expect to be reviewing issues while other people work on them. Maybe we can have some video/hangout /skype chats during the day.

We will be communicating

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We will be communicating through Slack, join us in #a11y-sprint-2017.
No Slack? Join here: http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com
We will setup a Hangout.


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