Become a Drupal 8 developer. Live, in-person, part-time project-based class taught by Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master

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2017-09-24 10:00 - 2017-09-28 10:00 America/New_York
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Training (free or commercial)


I am the founder of Debug Academy, who recently was a core sponsor of Drupal GovCon (hopefully some of you attended one of our free trainings!) My team and I have taught and refined career-changing Drupal 7 & 8 development courses at Debug Academy ( ). I will personally be the lead teacher for the upcoming semester, where we will teach Drupal 8. The course will be offered approximately 50% in-person at a metro-accessible location in Tysons Corner, VA, and 50% online.

A key differentiator of ours is that we do not re-use project materials across semesters; a designer is hired for every semester's project. This semester we will be creating and contributing a brand new Drupal 8 theme to, kicking off graduates' careers as contributors to Drupal and giving back to the community simultaneously!

The class is part time (twice a week - 1 weekday evening online, 1 weekend morning in-person) and spans 3 months. The scheduled start date is September 24th, 2017. Apply at our student-built website - the clear path to a new career.

As a direct result of taking our class, our graduates have received (and accepted) job offers from well known development companies such as Acquia, Taoti, Balance Interactive, BeaconFire Red, Mobomo, Booz Allen, and more. Furthermore, each of those companies has given job offers to students who had no development experience prior to enrolling in the class.

By taking this class and dedicating the appropriate amount of time to learning its material, you will be in great shape for moving to the next phase of your career. The majority of our students are referred by previous graduates, which we are very proud of.

Additionally - we boast a stellar student to teacher ratio, ensuring that the class remains accessible to individuals of any level of experience. There will be a teacher and a TA available during every class, and myself and our alumni are also available in the class chatroom at all hours. With our small class sizes and personalized curriculum, there is no better way to change your career.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. I will be teaching the upcoming semester and will be happy to personally answer any questions. I can be reached via e-mail: or phone: (571) 215-0563.

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This thorough Drupal

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This thorough Drupal development course kicks off this coming Sunday, September 24th. I thought it'd make sense to post a reminder in case anyone was on the fence; you can call me with questions at 571-215-0563, or email at .

The course is being offered both fully online and 50% in-person; you choose what works best for you. Our aim is to offer the most accessible, valuable course for kicking off or growing your career prospects as a Drupal and web developer. We keep our student:teacher ratio low to ensure the class is welcoming to all backgrounds.

I'll see all enrolled students this Sunday!