Extending Social API During Google Summer Of Code 2017

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I extended Social API Project by integrating theleaue library and creating more social auth and social post implementers. My modules are ready for testing and community reviews. I’ve added relevant instructions on the module page. Feel free to provide any feedback and raise issues on the issue queue of the module here.

Installation Of Social Auth

Installation of Social Post

Installation Of Social Auth Google

Installation Of Social Post Facebook

Link to the modules (Dev Release Link) :-

Creating New Implementers

Social auth google and social post facebook are the example implementers for other social auth and social post implementers. New implementers can be created based on them.

Social Auth Google On Github

Social Post Facebook On Github

List of commits


Extending It in the Future

Although this GSoC project is near to completion but here are some of the tasks, I will be working on after the GSoC.

Uniform Icon Pack - One of my top priorities at this point will be to find a good icon pack which has all the implementers that I have created, this will be done to maintain consistency.

Ability to Change Icon Pack- so the user can upload customized icon according to their own need.

API Calls and collecting data - At this point this functionality is fairly basic, thus my next motive will be to more feature as choosing between different type of API calls and creating methods respectively for them.

Adding more implementers - Some of the social networks are still on oAuth1 and have started shifting to oAuth2, so I will create implementers for more relevant social providers.

Implementing Social Post Google - I have had issue while making an API call to post on user behalf (Getting unauthorized access error), I tried to research on Google Post API but couldn’t find any solution. So one my main objective will be to complete Social Post Google.

These were some of the tasks I worked on as a part of my project,  I was thrilled by the ninth week of Google Summer of Code coding phase. There is not a next week goal this time, but I would like to make clear that as always, feel free to contact me if you have any question. Remember that you can also collaborate with the Social Initiative projects: social_api, social_auth, social_post.

I would also like to thanks my mentors Valentin and Daniel, our GSoC admin Matthew Lechleider and Google for providing me with such an opportunity.



Social Post facebook.

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There is already a social post facebook, why don't use that one instead to create it again?


Drupal console command

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For creating a new social auth/post implementor most of the boiler plate code is similar. So if we can have a drupal console command for the same I think it will save a lot of time for those are trying to create implementors.

The command could take coupe of inputs like Authenticator machine name, Authenticator Name, Redirect url and so on to throw up the basic version of code which can then be tweaked.

Gokul N K