Drupalcamp Sydney 2017

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Had a discussion with Murray while 'Dries was in town' to organise Drupalcamp Sydney for this year.

Some initial steps in order of priority -

  • Finalise a date
  • Identify a venue
  • Put up the site for call for sessions and registration
  • Find a cool after party theme/place :)

Also, might be good to invite non-drupalers/students to the event, introduce them to Drupal and give them a chance to network with the community. We can hold "Drupal in a day" kind of parallel track for them.

Opinions, thoughts?



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DrupalCon Vienna finishes on 29 September. I don’t know how many people from Sydney or Australia will be attending, but I suspect there will be a few. I realise if it is left any later you’ll run into DrupalSouth in Auckland, but any earlier and you don’t have enough time to do things properly.

I am not sure I can make it up for the event, but if I can I’d be happy to present a session.

DrupalCamp Sydney slated for February 2018

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Given the time pressures outlined by Dave above, we have decided to put the event on in February 2018. If anyone wants to get involved as an organiser, speaker or sponsor, please get in touch.

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