I posted an issue to IMCE to increase its accessibility. What can be done to advance it?

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I recently posted an issue to IMCE to make it more accessible (link below). I also noticed that IMCE is listed as one of the modules this group (the Drupal Accessibility Group) has listed on its Wiki page as one that it would really like to take the #D8AX pledge. What can be done to advance this issue? Do "vote up" numbers help? Do "followers" help?




Posting more specifics

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You've highlighted a bunch of issues with IMCE. Might be good to break those down and highlight code that you want to have changed.

Links, screenshots and reports from tools like tenon.io & the WAVE Toolbar help.

The first challenge is always to make it reproducable.

I wish I could be more technical : (

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No doubt, you are correct. Regrettably, though, I do not (yet) have the technical skills to be more specific and do things like post suggested code. Hopefully, as time progresses I will garner these technical skills and improve my posted issues.


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