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I posted an issue to IMCE to increase its accessibility. What can be done to advance it?


I recently posted an issue to IMCE to make it more accessible (link below). I also noticed that IMCE is listed as one of the modules this group (the Drupal Accessibility Group) has listed on its Wiki page as one that it would really like to take the #D8AX pledge. What can be done to advance this issue? Do "vote up" numbers help? Do "followers" help?


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İmce kurulum olmadı

Merhaba arkadaşlar.Ckeditor kurdum sorunsuz ama resim yükleme eklentiside sıkıntı yaşıyorum .İmce eklentisi aktifleştirdim bundan sonra bir ayar yapmama gerek var mı ?

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Textareada imce görünmüyor.

Arkadaşlar normalde özetli alanda imce bueditorde görünürken farklı bir içerik tipinde textarea alanı oluşturduğumda bueditor görünüyor ama imce görünmüyor.İçerik türünde birden fazla textarea vardır.
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Images and content

I am trying to work with some images in ckeditor wysiwyg and I can input the links but I am seeing them as anchors and the image-x-generic.png instead of images. I am using media browser...

Has anyone had experience with this?
Does anyone have a better solution for inlining images?

It appears that IMCE is having a bit of an issue with the file browser...

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Can I Use Organic Groups in IMCE Directory Path?

We are looking at IMCE to help manage file uploads in an OpenPublish based Drupal site. This site is also going to make heavy use of Organic Groups to help separate content, and manage authoring permissions.

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ElFinder vs IMCE

Miren esto por dios!

Para mí va a ser el gestor de archivos que suplante a imce, esta muy bueno, que les parece?

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TinyMCE, IMCE, Inline images. Best practices?

I've been trying to come up with a suitable solution for inline images for a while now without a ton of success. I'm sure you have had a client who wants to be able to insert images inside the main area of their text. Generally, I try to steer clients in the direction of using CCK fields for content images, but given the fixed nature of this approach, it doesn't work well for longish' tutorials with screen shots. Writers that use Drupal will often times want to use wysiwyg to get their uploaded images into the content above or near the focus of the topic.

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no image upload button in ckeditor using wysiwyg, imce & imce wysiwyg bridge

I have all the 'dev' version of the modules listed above.

I click the image button in ckeditor, and the Image Properties 'window' appears. There is a field for manually entering the URL of the image, but there is no 'browse' or 'upload' button.

The configuration I'm using works fine with tinyMCE. Am I doing something wrong?

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Asegurar el uso de FCKeditor para subir imagenes


Estoy configurando un sitio web en Drupal 6.12, y tengo toda la base funcionando bien.
Después, por supuesto, quiero poder editar HTML en línea y subir imagenes para ilustrar mis posts.

Bueno, la idea es que después de probar el módulo TinyMCE (sin llegar a hacerlo funcionar), me di cuenta de que recomiendan el módulo WYSIWYG para hacer este tipo de cosas.

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March Central Florida Meetup Wrapup

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the March (central) Florida Drupal User's Group meetup yesterday at MindComet's offices in Altamonte Springs. We had about 10 people there, including 1 new person.

We started the meetup with a DrupalCon DC discussion. 5 of us at the meetup were at DrupalCon, so we decided to run through the DrupalCon schedule and give (very) quick summaries of the sessions we found most interesting and the top one or two things we learned. It was a fairly quick and informative way to cover things.

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