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WGBH is running a story on the redesign of, with a focus on accessibility: Listening to the teasers on the air, I was reminded of a presentation that Jesse Beach gave of using Drupal's menus with a screen reader.

The overall assessment is "pretty good" and definitely an improvement over the old site. The article mentions Drupal explicitly.

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2 days until DrupalCamp Toronto!

Our 10th Anniversary DrupalCamp Toronto is happening on Friday!

Only 150 tickets are available so get your ticket(s) now on Eventbrite:

We have a full day of presentations from the top minds in the region's Drupal community:

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REGISTER NOW for the 10th Anniversary DrupalCamp Toronto on Friday, April 15th

Only 150 tickets are available so get your ticket(s) now on Eventbrite:

A new website will be available soon at

Our speaker line-up includes: Scott Reeves, Erin Marchak, James Walker, Mike Gifford, Suzanne Kennedy Dergacheva, Chris Smith, Steve Lavigne, Colan Schwartz, Chris Luckhardt, and more to be announced soon.

They'll be presenting about a variety of Drupal 8 topics, including:

  • devops workflows with Drupal VM
  • back-end module development
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A11y toolkit module

Just wanted to blast it here as well that I made an accessibility toolkit module which provides a block to help provide ways of improving your site for different visual impairments; most resolving around dyslexia (like a font that makes it easier to read). We also store the setting in a cookie and in the future will do this on the serverside so it doesn't have to reload each time (as the screencast currently shows).

Support, feedback and improvement suggestions always welcome:

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Accessibility Plugin for Bootstrap 3


I am managing a Drupal 8 development project for a US government agency. Accessibility is an important concern to this agency.

We intend to use Bootstrap as our base theme. Recently, the Accessibility Plugin for Bootstrap 3 has come to my attention and I am wondering if Bootstrap theme users and contributors have integrated this plugin in their own sites, and what their experience has been.

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Null value for Alt text

I am using Adaptive theme to make many websites, and despite it being possible to create an alt field for all of my images I am unsure of what to do with a decorative image that should display the alt text of "".

If I leave the alt text field empty, the result is alt=

If I add "" to the alt text field, the result is alt=""""

Does anyone know of a good solution for this issue?

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Accessibility of sticky menus


I'm crowdsourcing a question from a colleague: Do any accessibility pros have opinions on the use and accessibility of sticky menus, particularly with regard to mobile? Any good articles or opinion pieces I can send this person?



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What should novices know about Drupal and accessibility?

I'm trying to develop a presentation about accessibility and Drupal. The idea, posed to me by Mike Gifford (mgifford), is that it should be a basic presentation that many different people could give give at various conferences—Web camps, Drupal camps, geekouts, whatever.

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Full-Stack Engineer | iFactory

Employment type: 
Full time
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Do you like getting your hands dirty in a variety of web technologies, both front- and back-end? Do you enjoy the satisfaction of working on a range of projects, and solving technical puzzles quickly? If you are a versatile developer who has a passion for building clean, accessible websites using popular CMSs, we want to meet you.

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User Facing Accessibility Improvements in Core (Part 1 of D8 A11y Update)

Drupal 7 still remains the most accessible open source CMS available. The changes that the community began implementing in 2008 to improve accessibility for the entire user interface (public, content editor, administrator and developer) has still not been matched by any other piece of web software (open source or proprietary). By focusing accessibility efforts on improving Core, we are able to fix accessibility problems by default regardless of what themes, or extensions are used in any given implementation.

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