Video interview with Luís Pedro Algarvio at DrupalCon Vienna 2017

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Oi amigos,

I had the pleasure of interviewing Luís and getting him to describe the Drupal Portuguese community, Drupal Day Aveiro, Drupal Dev Days Lisbon & the future of Drupal Europe 2018.

I've also included a bunch of community stats and hope this will help you to increase your attendees at Aveiro, and have a greater chance of you winning DDD Lisbon.

Please share the tweet and let me know if you have any further suggestions, or if any of you would like to be in a future video :)

Ate logo,


If you can, come over to

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If you can, come over to Portugal for Drupal Day Aveiro!!! You will be welcomed =)

Luís Pedro Algarvio
Drupal and DevOps Developer, Evangelist & Trainer