Drupal Core Upgrade

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All users of DrupalEd should should know about a security upgrade to Drupal core. As this is a security upgrade, people with sites in production are advised to upgrade immediately.

The announcement, with upgrade directions, can be read here.

The new version of DrupalEd with all security patches applied can be downloaded here.


Bill, I'm a recent convert

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I'm a recent convert and loaded 5.1 up to start, then I got into this and according to the upgrade instructions I have backed up and am ready to set up 5.2... BUT reading on, this appears to say that I will need to reinstall all the modules I've used. Does this mean that I have to also go and reset them all (through admin), with Drupal's mindblowingly loose rules on what get sets for which module where that could take ages... or does the application 'remember' the various settings through some kind o f contextual information.

If not, then surely, as it's only a security version, I should just patch instead of upgrade as recommended?

As a newbie just looking for advice on approach I'd appreciate any guidance.

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Listen to Andy Partridge for a better life.

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This is what I did but

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This is what I did but PLEASE take other views into consideration as well. Back up your database and make a copy of your DrupalED site (save to your hard disk perhaps). *IMPORTANT rename your settings.php to REALsettings.php. Not download and expand DrupalED5.2 and then upload the contents to your site - overwriting the previous site. Remember this does not touch your site contents as that is in the database. Now find the new settings.php file rename zzsettings.php and in the same folder rename REALsettings.php BACK to settings.php. go to your site to check all ok. If any major problems rename the main folder from [YourSite] to [BinYourSite]. and upload your site copy to take its place.
Best wishes

This is only a core upgrade

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This upgrade does not affect the contrib modules that are used on DrupalEd, so you don't need to worry about them -- you definitely do not need to uninstall them and reinstall them, although in most cases just uninstalling the modules won't actually erase their settings. However, as with anything that has the potential to tweak your site in unpleasant ways, always do a db backup before adjusting admin settings, or attempting an upgrade.

One trick of this upgrade is that the settings.php file is one of the upgraded files. So, it will be necessary to download and create a copy of your existing settings.php file in order to store a copy of your database settings. You will need to copy your database settings from your old settings.php file into your new settings.php file -- the relevant line with the db settings is on or around lines 88-93:

* Database URL format:
*   $db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename';
*   $db_url = 'mysqli://username:password@localhost/databasename';
*   $db_url = 'pgsql://username:password@localhost/databasename';
$db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename';

So -- upload the new core code for drupal available here, and, after you have copied your existing settings.php you can upload the new codebase over your existing codebase. Then, copy the db settings into your new settings.php file, and in your browser window navigate to http://example.com/upgrade.php, and you're off --



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I just upgraded from 5.1 to

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I just upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2 this morning and was put off by the idea of reinstalling every module. I just copied the contributed module folders from my backup back into /modules after the upgrade and I didn't have any problems. There are a couple of reasons why this was possible:

  1. This is a minor upgrade (5.1 to 5.2), with few modifications to the way that modules are handled (from what I can tell)
  2. I thought it was easier to troubleshoot modules that broke, rather than download and reinstall every single contributed module.
  3. I don't have that many contributed modules installed, and I printed out the admin/modules page so I could duplicate the installs in a pinch.
  4. My site, while it is live, is not a production site. Honestly, I wanted to see what would happen.

My 2¢. There's a little bit of discussion on the 5.1-to-5.2 upgrade at http://geeksandgod.com/forum/all-about-drupal/updating-drupal

captcha - good god!

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I have a 17th-grade education and this captcha module is about all my limited cognitive abilities can handle...

Cubbtech, Bill. Thanks, I am

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Cubbtech, Bill.

Thanks, I am still offline and nervous... (btw I'm not on DRupaled, just Drupal5.1)
Reading the sources it seems that I will be able to manage the modules without having to reconfigure them etc. I get that bit BUT in the install.txt it has the standard text including things like When the install script succeeds, you will be directed to the "Welcome" page.
In "step one" click "create the first account" which will become the main
administrator account with total control.

Which scare me.
I couldn't bare to have to start over again, I understand that the data is in the database, but what if the install starts resetting stuff??

What are the actual steps from here?
I have 5.1 installed at my host
I have 5.1 backed up on my system & various settings, files etc noted.
I have 5.2 unpacked and ready to ftp over
I am logged in as admin#1 to TWO browsers

Do I
1. Delete 5.1 at host
2. FTP 5.2 over
3. Then
3a: Run the install script by pointing my browser to the base url of my website??? (as per install instructions)
3b: do I just put 5.2 there and copy the backed up "files" and "sites" etc?

If 3a, how do I handle the wizard settings?
If 3b, how is 5.2 'initiated into action?

sorry to be so thick, but I want to avoid any mess.
Thanks again

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run update.php not install.php

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Any you really don't need to delete 5.1 - just copy the 5.2 over the 5.1 files

Then run update.php - that's it

Forgot to mention

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Put site in maintenance mode - under admin-> settings

And turn off all modules that are not core

Then copy files over and run update .php

Success with a few problems

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Hello all, there's a drupal.org thread on this, it was down when I asked for your help.
Here's what I did in the end:

This was my first time updating the core also and I had a problem at the end - see steps 10-12
Because this was a minor upgrade installing 5.2 over 5.1 left contrib modules in tact.
I found the instructions for upgrade confusing because they implied that contributed modules would need reinstalling - and therefore reconfiguring - a huge timewaster. It turns out that they did not.

I also feel that the instructions do not factor in hosted environments, they instruct as if one had direct access to production site, not ftp access, however, again in this case, it didn't matter.

My sequence was:

  1. Downloaded 5.2 locally, unzipped it.

  2. Backup productioon site

  3. Backup production database

  4. Ensuring I had my #1 admin password right I logged in as admin#1 to TWO browsers **key

  5. Took Site Offline

  6. Disabled non-Core modules

  7. left My Theme at pushbutton **issue here too

  8. FTP'd 5.2 files over the top of my 5.1

  9. Tried to run update.php (reset clean URLs) - Could not get in on either browser (safari/firefox) - said site was offline... so after some searching I discovered that
    http://www.morethanoil.com/?q=user allows you to log back in.
    BTW I was definitely #1 admin user: http://www.morethanoil.com/user/1/ & on search I found that some other people had the same issue... why some??

  10. ran update.php and theme (pushbutton) came up without menus... I had to access via
    http://www.morethanoil.com/admin/build/modules specifically

  11. FTP'd over my custom version of Pushbutton Theme.

  12. Enabled modules.

  13. Tested Site.

  14. Put site online.

Pretty smooth but some panic given the denied access...
thanks to all

Listen to Andy Partridge for a better life.

...and if you read, buy a book

Listen to Andy Partridge for a better life.

...and if you read, buy a book