What's the trick to submit button below captcha on registration form?

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Okay, I'm developing a new site and about to hit my wits end on this. Using Drupal Version 6.16 and was using captcha 6.21 but have temporarily gone back to a beta 3 version of 2.0 since someone else had posted this "fixed" the problem. Returned back to 6.21 since my efforts were to no avail.

It's very simple and maybe there's an easy way to fix this but I've kind of had it with this issue spending my whole day so far trying to find the fix. Like I said, it's really simple. How in the heck do I get the captcha window to appear above the "submit" button on my new user registration form/page??????

As far as my experience level here I'm slightly graduating out of the "Newbie" status. I've found other posts, with patches and some php coding kluge or two but most everything has to do with version 4 or 5 of Drupal. I tried a few of the code mods on my template.php file but no success. Captcha and reCaptcha are both functional but the placement on this page is UG.... annoying to say the least.

Anyone know the trick to tweaking this?



Me too

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Yeah... I'd be interested to know this as well. We're getting 10-15 spam user registrations daily. I'd like to use a CAPTCHA to help prevent this but I can't get it to show up on our User Registration page. I'm using Drupal 6.13 and just installed latest captcha release. Thanks

My problem fixed

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Hey.... sorry I didn't post this in here earlier.... One of the guys Soxofan... I think.... who's involved with this module helped me out. Take a look at this thread.