May Toronto Meetup

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2010-05-31 18:30 - 20:30 America/Toronto
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User group meeting

Join us for our monthly Toronto Drupal User Group meeting. We'll be experimenting with Lightning and/or Ignite presentations at the next meeting. See Kevin's summary below for more information about topics proposed at our April meeting. We'll also be continuing discussions about DrupalCamp Toronto after our meeting.

Monday, May 31st
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Ave. [map]


Agenda for the next meeting

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Tonight there was a lot of support for Lightning or Ignite style presentations on a variety of topics, for maximum breadth of audiences / topics.

Here are some of the topics that were mentioned:

  • Open Gov (with a Canada/Drupal slant, presenter TBD--any ideas?)
  • Ctools (Tristen)
  • Open Atrium (anyone want to volunteer? ... Derek?)
  • Drupal Ecosystem (maybe Joe)
  • When to use CiviCRM? (Joe)
  • Accessibility Testing (Everett)
  • Documentation overview (either for users, admin, or developers... anyone?)

This is by no means finalized, just the notes i took down. We have time for about 6-8 talks that are 5-10 minutes long including Q & A. Feel free to leave a comment with other ideas and i will work with people to finalize an agenda.

Hopefully at the next meeting we'll have some more news about DrupalCampTO for Fall 2010 and how people can plug into the organizing process. We're tracking towards the first weekend in October to coincide with the timing of the PNW summit.

Mobile Drupal

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Great summary Kevin, thanks for posting it. :)

I'd like to propose a presentation on developing mobile Drupal websites. By the time of our May meeting, I'll have completed development of an event-based mobile version of a standard Drupal website.

Open Atrium

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I'll be happy to talk about Open Atrium, I've been using it and it's building blocks (features, spaces, context) for a couple of projects recently.


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Hi folks. I am new to Drupal and looking to overhaul my website with it. I have run into a number of speed bumps in trying to set up paid membership and flash video. Are your monthly meetings a venue for someone like me to seek help? I have also tried to find developers that can do some training but it's been hard finding Drupal experts with time.


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Our meetings are definitely a good venue for assistance and learning. We usually have some kind of agenda (see Kevin's post above) and then random discussions afterward.

Post-meeting DCTO discusssions...

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I've heard from a few people that the DrupalCamp portion of our last DUG-TO meeting wasn't very productive, due to the environment we were in. I would agree and have a suggestion that might work for everyone.

Perhaps we could have a focused 1 hour DCTO meeting at CSI after the DUG-TO meeting. Cleaver has offered to book the extra hour for us if we want it. Then we could move to the Red Room and continue with some more relaxed discussions. How does everyone feel about that idea? Please chime in with your thoughts. :)

I think we should focus on

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I think we should focus on DCTO in the meeting. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions include it here so we can add it to the agenda.

i definitely agree DrupalCamp

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i definitely agree DrupalCamp should be on the agenda but i'm not sure about it being the focus. We'll have separate DCTO organizing meetings for those who want to be more in depth.

Do you mean focus on DCTO at

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Grad - do you mean focus on DCTO at the end of the meeting like I suggested, or during the meeting as a main agenda topic?

I would agree to keep the meetings separate, because not everyone at the DUG-TO meeting is interested in organizing DCTO. I'm still pushing for the extra hour at CSI. ;)

Yes a discussion at the end

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Yes a discussion at the end is what I had in mind, but also have an open discussion on any concepts relating to DCTO if interest expands beyond the ones who are involved in putting the event together.

Push for that extra hour!

Update on agenda

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Cross-posted from DUG-TO email list:

Last meetup we proposed another mixed agenda for May 31st, made up of a bunch of short informative presentations of the Ignite or Lightning format. The idea behind this is to

  • get to know each other's work better
  • keep the meetings of general interest to a wide (but still Drupal user) audience
  • get some practice with this engaging conference/meeting format

Some of the ideas for presentations for the next meetup included:

  • Ctools (Tristen)
  • When to use CiviCRM? (Joe)
  • Accessibility Testing (Everett)

Do you want to present? Email me with a topic by NEXT FRIDAY MAY 14 and i'll make sure we have a good breadth of topics. The week after that you'll need to send me your slides.

Want to present but don't have a topic? Here are some ideas:

  • present a component of a site you built recently and how you solved a particular problem
  • compare two approaches of skinning some Drupal cat (ie. "openlayers vs gmap mapping smackdown")

If this format goes well, we can come back to it in future meetings.

Oh, and we'll also be talking a bit about DrupalCampTO organizing efforts.




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Is there a spepcific room for tonight's meeting or will it be obvious when you get there?

Room 120. Just up the stairs

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Room 120. Just up the stairs to the left of the elevator and through a set of double doors.

Room 120

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I just checked the booking... it will be Room 120. Just up the short set of stairs to left of elevator (or you can take the elevator 1/2 floor).

Great meeting!

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Hi everyone, it was very nice to see you all last night and hear such a nice (and varied!) lineup of presentations!

Since someone asked about where to download my presentation, it is here:

Thanks for all of the great feedback! I will definitely be looking into Views Attachments and how to make my view into a module that I can easily update thanks to your tips. :)

Suggestion for more easily customizable header

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Hey Heatherann,

I stole your suggestion for using a php input format in a view header extract from a header node (so as not to scare the pants off clients wanting to edit it), but I made one little change that you might find useful.

One thing that I thought was missing was the equivalent of the "hover link" that drupal displays for admins, allowing for quick-editing of a view. Since this feature isn't available to clients without giving whole-view access, I rigged up something comparable. The idea was to get a single "Edit View Header" block to display on each view page, which would provide a link to edit the respective header.


Here's how I did it:

  1. Create a new view called something like "admin_views_headers".
  2. Add a block display type.
  3. Add a single "Node: Edit link" field with no label, and display text set to something like "Edit header text".
  4. Now the nifty part: Add an argument for "Node: Nid".
  5. Under "Action to take if argument is not present", set "Provide default argument", and set the argument type to "PHP code".
  6. Under "PHP argument code", set up a switch statement like so:
    switch(arg(0)) {
      case 'news':
        return 20;
      case 'staff':
        return 21;
      case 'mandates':
        return 25;
      case '<unique-path-arg-for-view>':
        return <nid-of-header-node>;
  7. Check "Validate that user has access to the node". This way, you don't have to worry about controlling access at the view and block level -- if the user has access to edit the header node, then the block will have content and they'll see it.
  8. Set up the rest of the argument settings to your liking, (validators, etc.). One thing I'd suggest is removing the wildcard settings, just to simplify.
  9. Place the block either above the content area, or in a column beside it.

So to explain, I've currently got this set up for a site with a very simple structure with views at paths like,, etc. So if the page is at any of those paths (or deeper!), then it will pass a nid argument according to the switch statement above, and an edit link will be displayed. A bonus is that the "Node: Edit link" field always attaches a ?destination=PREV_PATH, so when they save the header node, they're redirected back to the view.

Hopefully this helps!

php input format

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I've worked on a few projects that were started by other developers, and I'd say the use of php input format is a nasty thing from any kind of long term maintenance/security perspective.

From a maintenance perspective - you'll get api/module/version dependent code that will break on upgrade, and often some pretty important functionality will be hidden where you can only find it if you know where to look.

From a security perspective - anyone with access to the php filter can easily steal and/or destroy your entire site.

For short term projects where there are few logged in users, this can sometimes be an okay trade-off for convenience, but for the most part, php filter becomes a case of "when you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

As an alternative - you could stick these little blocks on the appropriate pages using the node block module and a suitable region. Another option is to use Drupal's "message" variable which you can provide using various mechanisms. The "context" module is maybe a more industrial strength method of managing these pieces if you have a lot of them.


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No, you're totally right Alan. I've had bad experience with php-filtered nodes and building the search index with cron, so normally I do stay away from it.

And thanks for the heads-up on Context! Might be overkill for the small site I'm working on, but it looks totally spiffy


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Pat, that's a very interesting solution! It would definitely make my coworkers' lives easier! For now I have them using Workflow to search all the content and edit these pieces that are harder to get at directly (anything displayed only in a view, headers, etc).

Are there similar solutions for nodes spit out by Views? For example, we have an events listing that shows a view of events sorted by date, but that's the only place we display those nodes. Is there a module or add-on I could use to have edit links show up with each of them if the user has edit permissions?

I often prefer to write edit

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I often prefer to write edit links into the templates themselves so I can customize how they render and keep them in accordance with the design/layout.

For a blanket solution: - customizable, works well.
And the Zen theme also offers default hover links on blocks.


php input format

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I have to say that I've been using the PHP input format more than I would have liked, simply because I'm fairly new to Drupal and it's one of the possible solutions I know about. It's my go-to input format for these headers because that's how I'm loading content from another node and how I'm setting the maps to change depending on the URL arguments. Maybe this code belongs in my theme files where I could call template functions rather than in my View Header.

Security-wise, I'm not worried about it because only site admins have access to it for our sites. You're right that it may cause trouble for maintenance or changing the site functionality later, especially if there's not amazing documentation and/or the same set of people working on it again, so I'll have to think about that. Thanks!

One of these days I'm going to get around to checking out the much-lauded Context module. :)


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