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How about keeping a list of example sport sites using Drupal? Here are some I know about:

www.randa.org - World Governing Body for Golf
www.hkrugby.com - Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
www.cricketscotland.com - Governing body for Cricket in Scotland
www.powerleague.co.uk - Five a side football centres


Here are mine

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www.regattalog.com - Service site for event registration
www.PacifcCup.org - Boat race from San Francisco to Hawaii

bad example: mlsnet.com

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Major League Soccer blundered with their Drupal site: http://geoffgrantconsulting.blogspot.com/2010/04/mls-relaunch-provides-c...

But don't blame the platform; blame the execution.

Sports is about to jump on the Drupal bandwagon bigtime -- just like the music already has.

good example (biased): kickball.com

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www.kickball.com - World Adult Kickball Association

Oregon Cricket League

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http://oregoncricketleague.org/ (Works great in FF and chrome but have issues on IE, under constant improvements).

CSS Compress

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Your site will work under IE if you turn on CSS Compress. Apparently IE has a limit on how many css files it can read.

Sports Site

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Here's a Pistol Club I came accross:


Sports Site

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This was performed on a Drupal platform and than converted to .ASP www.CoopersPick.com

Washington Area Frisbee Club

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This looks like a nice, complete site - it's got a calendar, mailing lists, groups, tournament schedules and results, etc. It seems to me it would make a nice template for similar sports clubs.

United Football League

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"The United Football League (UFL) is an independent professional American football league that began play in October 2009. The league currently has five franchises playing in markets where the NFL has no current presence."

Edmonton & District Cricket League

My Gym & Trainer

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Not a league site but a sports/fitness business directory:

My Gym and Trainer

Canoe club in Melbourne Australia