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Help brainstorm and or volunteer to help out with Panels 2 documentation.

Below is in an initial outline that is based on looking at Views documentation as an example, talking to merlinofchaos, and pondering what might be helpful. Constructive comments, additions, offers to help do specific sections are welcome and encouraged.

I. Panels 2 documentation
+Top level: brief overview of Panels 2


  • Panels basic options
  • Definitions
  • Panels displays
  • Panel pages
  • Panel nodes
  • Mini panels
  • Panels Plugins (See the demo module at Panels Plugin Example module
    • Argument Plugins
    • Context Plugins
    • Relationship Plugins
    • Content_type Plugins

II. Panels 2 Theming

III. Panels 2 tutorials


This comment contains some

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This comment contains some brief documentation that needs to be integrated:

A tutorial for this has been added

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Great thanks to birdmanx35 for doing so. :-)

This contains a tutorial

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This contains a tutorial Amitaibu wrote that needs to be here:

merlin, I think each

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I think each tutorial should have its own page for two reasons:
1. One long wiki will make it hard to read.
2. Comments will be related to the specific subject, not the whole content.

In other words, how about moving this list into Drupal help?

I don't mind the tutorials

merlinofchaos's picture

I don't mind the tutorials having their own post; but they at least need to be linked here, which is posing as the overall.

In other words, how about moving this list into Drupal help?

I don't understand what this means?

This tutorial has been added

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Added. Posting comment for purposes of record keeping. Going through this thread today and trying to clean/add things that need to be added.

Guess I'll just start writing

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...some stuff up one page at a time as the opportunity presents itself over the next several weeks. Am moving into a new house (escrow closes the 24th!) and the holidays are upon us of course, but no flood volunteers has surfaced yet, so will roll up the sleeves meself. :p

Here's a comment with some

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Here's a comment with some good info that may need to be documented:

More interesting material:

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More interesting material:

Note on link (for record keeping purposes)

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This particular link seems to be more suited to forward-thinking discussions on panels development rather than having a lot to do with specific documentation of current Panels 2 functionality.

It's interesting in the FAQ

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It's interesting in the FAQ sense because I believe people will ask about this a lot.

Very good

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I will add a FAQ's section and include this as the first item. :-)

FAQ section added

It lives!

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Alrighty, Panels 2 documentation has been officially launched.

Earl, you may feel like positioning it around the handbook somewhere else and/or tinker with the wording there - but I felt like it was important to get things on the road at least. Now whomever wants to can just start putting pages up. I'll definitely be doing that as I can. :-)

Link to Panels documentation

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This Panels documentation at is very useful. I recommend putting a link to it onto the Panels project page

I'm uploading new documentation for GHOP

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Also, the previous documentation has been revised for the new version, as well as with screenshots!

This is great. :-)

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Right on birmanx35. We'll get some good panels docs yet. I haven't forgetten btw, merlinofchaos. I've just been having an extra rough time of the holidays, moving, and such. Even worse than I imagined (and that was pretty bad :p )

Some more

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This is useful info that needs to be easily available:

I've add this as a handbook page

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in the tutorials section. There are now 5 very nice tutorials, written by at least 3 different people (with more to come, no doubt). :-)

As all of the content seems to be gravitating toward the tutorials section I'm thinking of trying to make sense of the hierarchy/flow for the sections which aren't part of tutorials in order to accommodate this tendency (for instance, cross linking things so that they can be found numerous ways to prevent information from being somewhat buried in tutorials).

Question about using Panels dev version

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Now that the beta is out I'm wondering how I should proceed with updates with Panels. As someone documenting I'm sort of wanting to keep up with the dev versions but the main site I'm working with Panels right now is actually a production site (though it is my production site). Am I ok to dev-it from time to time, or should I just stick to beta releases at this point, Earl?

You can do either; there

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You can do either; there should be fewer sweeping changes from release to release as I am focusing, currently, on making sure the bugs are fixed. I want to get a conversation about the UI again, too, prior to RC, but I may save that for a later version. Though I am definitely going to change the add content dialog a bit.

Thanks, Earl

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I'll keep running with the dev stuff then. Also, I'll get that new documentation stuff you referenced below. Sorry it has been somewhat lagging at this point. My move has turn into a temporary full blown personal crisis of sorts. :-(

I'm not too worried about

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I'm not too worried about that (and I thank you for the efforts you've managed); I'm hoping that other people will see the activity and pitch in. Especially with the nice GHOP tutorials coming, we are making progress.

I will continue to try to remember to reference interesting FAQ items as I get issues that are likely to occur again and again.

Another one for the FAQ:

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This one has to do with panel nodes, and how they don't do what some people think they do from the name. This is an important one to address early:


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Added the Panel nodes page to the documentation. Surely, it will get filled out more at some point.

Just an idea - maybe for some people who are asking for help in irc or something like that you can make a doc-for-help-deal with them. =)

Developer API

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I would love a developer APi section. Specifically, I want to integrate with og module so that each group can create its own panel pages and the og context automatically gets passed into them. I'd like to be able to simplify panel page editing for them so they only have to deal with Content.

Eventually, I'd like to safely allow group admins to define own layouts but I'll need a non php way of doing that. Not at all urgent.


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"I'd like to be able to simplify panel page editing for them so they only have to deal with Content."

Is there any chance you'd be willing to make this functionality more generic? One thing I need for advanced profile's editing side is the ability to "lock down" the panel creation pages. I need to be able to say the user can, for example, move content around and add content from a select list and maybe do some minimal layout changes but not touch the context tab or the general settings tab.

Actually, now that I'm typing, I think we may have similar goals. This is the basic idea I'm looking at for advprofile:

1) Site admin sets up a panel page that acts as a default profile as well as a template
2) Site admin enables derivatives of that panel to be created and sets limits like I described above
3) Users can create their profiles through the locked down panel creation interface using the panel in #1 as the starting point.
4) These derivitaves are stored on a per user basis and the original panel page isn't changed.

That sounds a lot like what I imagine you would want for OG except it's stored per OG instead of per user. What do you think?


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docs for 5.x-1.2 ??

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Ok, if this is the documentation for Panels 2, where is the documentation for Panels not-2? (for 5.x-1.2)? I'm not comfortable running a beta release. Unlike most of the other modules I'm using, there is absolutely nothing about Panels in the regular "Help" area of my Drupal.


Panels 1

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I suspect if there isn't already docs there won't be. Panels 2 is where it's at. You should give it a try. Merlin's betas are very good.


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Go ahead with Panels 2

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About three months ago, I was wondering whether Panels 2 were stable enough for the live online newspaper site. Despite my uncertainty I chose to give it a try. I fought through it for about a week, but I'm glad I upgraded. Here's how I implemented some pages on the online newspaper site I am working for.

The front page:
Vilnius page:
Digest page:

These are just some humble examples of Panels 2 functionality on a live site.

well ok

AndriaD's picture

Well, I may give it a shot, because I really like being able to combine node types all together in a page of my choosing, and with 5.x-1.2 I'm seeing something really bad/weird; since I installed it, anytime I click any "submit" button anywhere on the site, I get a blank white screen. I can get out of it pretty gracefully by hitting enter from the address line, and the message on the screen is then what it should have been from clicking the submit button, but this is certainly not a good thing to be happening.

Could it be Panels, or just coincidentally my host going haywire? The latter is certainly possible, since I've been seeing a lot of problems lately accessing the db (yeah I'm thinking this trial of a new host is not successful, so on to another when my paid-for quarter is up!)


Some info about multilanguage and Panels?

pmichelazzo's picture

Hi people,

I try to find some info about the use of panels in a multilanguage website but every tutorial just talk about "normal" websites using "normal path, e.g. /node/xxxx

Someone have idea if Panels works on this way and where can I found some infos about that? I have some problems with it that I can't solve.

Thanks a lot

Paulino Michelazzo

Paulino Michelazzo

Yes, I'm Brazilian and we don't speak Spanish here (but I can speak too).

Teaster and list view

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I had a question and found a (possible) answer. Maybe it could be useful to someone:

Examle of using mini pane with views calendar

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It's at Beyond the basics » HowTos » Step-by-Step: Contextual Group Calendar and Breadcrumb, Using Calendar module, Date, Views and Panels 2 -

But the real documentation is here:

Installation of Panels

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I am a little lost on how to install Panels into Drupal and I can not find any basic documentation on how to do it.

Do you just drop the contents of the panels-6.x-2.0-alpha1.tar.gz into:

I tried that and get a Panels section under Modules but you cannot enable anything as everything says it 'Depends on: Panels (disabled)'.

Any help would be appreciated.

ETA on Beta version

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Also, is there any ETA on a beta version release as my client does not want to step back a Drupal version.


Michelle's picture

If you look at the panels line, it says you're missing views, which is why you can't enable it.

No ETA on a beta.


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That appears to be in my

valorix's picture

That appears to be in my path:


Unless it is a completely different module to Panels.



It is

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Yes, views is a seperate module.


See my Drupal articles and tutorials or come check out the Coulee Region

Training videos

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I'm going to have to create some very short training videos as part of documentation of my site. One or two of these will deal with working with Panels and panes. I'll find a way to share these when I finish. Remind me if it doesn't happen within a couple of weeks.

Including another module in a pane

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I've just started playing with the 6.x-2.0-alpha2 version of panels. I've managed to create a simple two column panel and add node content to each pane. However, what I'd like to be able to do is include a "page" in one column and the content from a module (specifically, the Frequently Asked Questions module) in the other. Any help?

Warning during "Overriding the node edit form"

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I'm using Panel 6.x-2.0-alpha2.

Following the instruction to override the node edit form I encounter a warning when adding the argument "node edit form". In the javascript window I get twice warning:

* warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/www/web24/html/drupal/includes/ on line 1194.

The rest of the tutorial can be carried out without problems. HOWEVER, at the end, when I edit a page (instead of story in my case) I just get the usual edit form.

Is this still an alpha problem, or is it related to something else?